Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lets Make A List Shall We!?

It's nearly 7:30 in the morning, and I say we make a list. A list of things that irritate us about our peeps. Especially first thing in the a.m. The kind of list a mom makes in her mothers mind one day a month, when she just can't help herself. It's hormonal. Normally, these days, I would probably let each peep hear about my list, once, twice, maybe even three or four times. Just in case they didn't get it. Poor things. No seriously. But I have my blog now, and I'm keeping it real,so here goes:

See this.

Notice the proximity of the dirty clothes basket. At the top of the stairs. Not brought down the stairs to the laundry room where a laundress, (also know as mom), will wash, dry, and fold said dirty laundry and return it to each individual room. This is # 1.

And see this?

It's suppose to greet me in the morning looking like this:

After all that is how I leave her before I am off to bed. Yes I said her. (Some people call their car names, I call my sink "her") This is # 2

And last but not in any way least, take a look at this:

With a beautiful sprinkling of it ALL over the counter. I guess my peeps don't know Maine can have ants in the dead of winter. (Yes we do Florida sister). Have sugar, will come.

Now I know that wasn't me in a sleeping stupor getting coffee for myself because I use this:

This is #3

Just when I am getting my gander up REAL good like, I see this coming down the driveway:

Yes, It's Blue Eyed Husband. He has just gotten back from dropping off 18 & 16yr old off at school. (18yr. old is close to getting his drivers license. Can we say WOOOO HOOOO!!!). Blue Eyed Husband gives me one of his "I love you darlin" kisses, and all my gander is melted away. Geesh. Gander melter! Hugs from Maine


Stacy said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping my my blog! The numbers on the back door are actually painted on. I explained a lil how to do it in a previous post I think. really easy! Give it a shot!

Maine, eh? Ay yuh. LOL. We actually vacation in Maine. Belgrade Lakes to be exact. nothing like it.

Can't wait to read more!


Anonymous said...

Hello, fellow Mainer. I just found your blog today and we seem to have a lot in common. I'll be back to visit!