Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do YOU See Anything Wrong With This Picture?

Hey there, I've got a question for you. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

I'm not talking about the red eye.

Take a look at this one. Fine right. Nothing wrong, out of the ordinary. (I know my two favorite sisters are shaking their pretty little heads right now)

The reason I ask is because as of late, I've heard talk around the house from these guys,the joys in my life, apples of my eye, ones I adore, (other wise known as my peeps),

thinking that I spoil sweet, adorable, I just love her, Sopharia, Pophie, My Little Puppers. Actually, her name is Sophie. I'm the only one who calls her those foolish names. She is MY pup, and I got her from Blue Eyed Husband as an anniversary gift, last June. I THINK YOUR CRAZY!!! was the response I got from my very good, I love and take her input in my life very seriously, friend, Bonnie. (I just ignored her this time. Don't worry, she's good with it).

I've never really had my own dog before, from puppydom and all, so Sophie is very, very, very, special to me.

With three of my peeps being teenagers and the oldest of the four being 23, they think they don't need me as much anymore. Whatever! So I thought if I had Sophie, I would be able to meet that need to mother so to speak, with her. And guess what, Sophie fits the bill. She is an awesome puppy. Very smart, lovable, cuddly. She always wants to please me. Unlike my peeps. Their teenagers remember. Maybe they are thinking that I would have never let them jump up on the computer table, lick the dirty silverware from the dishwasher, etc... Well their probably right. And they are probably right along with all of you, and my two favorite sisters. Because after seeing these pictures, I'll probably get a phone call from Florida Sister, & Sewing Sister. "You let your dog lick the dirty silverware in the dishwasher!!!" I'm just guessing thats what they'll say. I really do spoil Sophie don't I. Darn, I hate it when the peeps are right. Sorry Soph, no licking the dirty silverware in the dishwasher anymore for you. Well... at least not when the peeps are home. Hugs from Maine

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Joy said...

Well, I got a good laugh out of Sophie on the table! And the way she looks at you (behind the camera, I can just hear her calling you 'Mom'. Have fun with her!