Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SPECIAL BOX (code for ): New Cord/Camera Box

So I just got back from picking up 16 and 18 year old from school. 16 year old, I said, guess where I found the cord for my camera this morning? Any ideas, huh? OOOHHH YEAAAHHHH. In my room right?! Well, blah, blah, blah... (my interpretation of his explanation.) Well, look what I got just 10 minutes ago, I say. (In other words, thanks 16 year old for giving me an excuse to go to T.J.'s today. Yeah, Goodfriend, stop laughing.) This my 16 & 18 year old is a box. I know it looks like an ordinary box. But it's not. Think of it as a secret box that your NOT allowed in. Inside will hold MY camera and MY camera cord. When ever you get the urge to open this secret box, FIGHT IT! FIGHT THE URGE! TERRIBLE THINGS WILL HAPPEN IF YOU LIFT UP THE COVER! (I don't know what, but it sure sounds good). I am the only one who is allowed to open this special box. It will be placed here:
Yes, this is a place you know well. It is computer table. I will make sure 13 year old gets this IMPORTANT information. Although after my "little frustration" this morning, she probably won't want to go anywhere near my cord/camera ever again. Poor 13 year old. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't touch my stuff!!! Yeah, I know what your thinking, Good Luck With That! Hugs from Maine

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Linda said...

If I told you how many times "someone" misplaced MY camera cord ... well, I won't say anything, it will just make me mad.

The fabric softener thing ... love it!