Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blessed With A Sweet Blue Eyed Husband

Hey there friend, Just getting ready to be done blogging for the day. Notice the time, 8:20pm. I'M LATE FOR BED! I have had the best day just doing what I really wanted to for a change. No one needed me for anything. No one asked me to do anything. Sure, I did a load or 4 of laundry as I blogged. After all, I am a mom. I put the doggies out a time or two. (No walk for them today, it's something below zero). And my sweet husband of almost 25 years didn't bother me once. He just peeked his head in the computer room, with those beautiful blue eyes, to ask me if I wanted anything at the store! He even brought the boys to the Gun Show earlier today. I had the house to myself for a few hours. How great is that! I love that guy! Well the dogs have gone out for their final time for the day, and are all snug in their kennels. Blue Eyed Husband just got home from the store with his Kit-Kat, and is settling in on his chair. Two of my peeps, (the 16 & the 18 year old), are home for the night. Yeah, it's time for bed. Hugs from Maine

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