Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Unexpected Friendship

On Thanksgiving Day last year, (2008), our church held a Thanksgiving meal for those in the community who might need, enjoy, or just feel like being with some real friendly people who have done all the cookin. I considered staying home with Blue Eyed Husband, our 4 peeps, and some family members. Well, Blue Eyed Husband was all for going and helping out, so go we did. All of us. Now, Blue Eyed Husband is a million wonderful things all wrapped up in one hunk of a man, but SOCIAL, he's not. He would be the first to say so. The reason I tell you all this, is because we were so blessed to meet a wonderful couple that day that we other wise would probably never have met. You know how people always say things happen for a reason. Well, meeting Noella and her husband of almost 50 years, Larry, was one of those times. Not only did we laugh during the meal that day with Noella's hillarious jokes, but we laid the foundation for a unexpected friendship that is still going today. Notice how I said, WE. Blue Eyed Husband joined us at the table that day, (very unusual),and was social. Very social. Larry and Noella had such a way about them that made Blue Eyed Husband very comfortable and relaxed. What wonderful people. Today Noella brought me out to lunch and we spent time catching up on the last couple of weeks. She showed me pictures of her family reunion from last August. Told me how her grandkids are doing. One of the best afternoons I've had with a dear, dear, lady.

Now they have their own family, friends, interests... They visit regularly with their daughter and grandchildren in Portland. They have appointments to be at, old neighbors to join for breakfast. Noella goes to Bingo every Thursday night for crying out loud!!! What I'm trying to say is these people don't need us, they want us. They choose to be our friends, and it is such a huge blessing!!! I am so grateful for the people God puts in our paths. So glad He chose them. I could only hope that you too have a Noella and Larry in your lives. Hugs from Maine


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a blessing!!


Tricia Anne said...

I am just reading your post on your special friendship. One of my newest and most dear friendships is with an 84 year old woman and her 54 year old. Technically she is my client, but we have established a friendship and she is more fun and lively than most of the women my very own age! :o) I just love her and like your friendship, we are both coming to the table with out expectations or needs. We are enjoying the relationship and sharing equally. :o)
Have a super day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne