Thursday, January 29, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Here is how the girls and I started out our day,

We went to the park for their walk, and it was just stunning. The storm yesterday had left our bodies rested, our minds reflected, and tons of the most beautiful snow you can imagine.

I was able to take a couple of great pictures of the girls that caught their personalities

Two totally different dogs,

As beautiful as it is to go for a walk with the dogs, get fresh air, a bit of exercise, reality is Blue Eyed Husband has to come home and do this,

so he can figure out how in the world is he's going to get rid of this

Blue Eyed Husband ALWAYS gets the job done,

Earlier when they got home from school, 16,&18 year old cleaned off this.Yup the whole roof.

So now Blue Eyed Husband is doing a little of this, (which he so deserves)

Our kitchen looks something like this,

And smells wonderfully of this,

Everyone and the mailman loves my beefstew except Blue Eyed Husband. Oh well, he doesn't mind, & I try. Hugs from Maine


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I think the stew looks yummy! Your pictures are absolutely stunning as well! What a beautiful sight fresh fallen snow is, well, except when it has to cleaned off the roof. Had that happen to us once and it took forever to get it off as there was ice on top of so much snow. Enjoyed the pictures!

Laurel said...

It has been several days since I checked your blog, sis #3 and I have enjoyed catching up! Don't tell me you seriously use all that butter in one batch of corn chowda!!

Did you finish "The Shack"? I still have a few pages and actually don't want it to end. I did not find that it remained sad like sis #1.

Love your beautiful pictures and your beautiful dogs.

Stay warm.

hugs from florida

Lisa said...

Lisa says, Don't let Florida Sister fool you, she knows how much butter I use in my corn chowda!

Kathleen said...

The snow is so beautiful. I am finally dug out, and will soon be on my way to Bangor (closest place to shop...65 miles away) I love your dogs, they look like they love the snow. Hugs,