Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Changing Times?

Well, like most of you, I spent a bit of time today sitting with three of my kids (the 18, 16,&13yr.old), watching as one President graciously handed over the office to another. Times, yes, they are a changin. And like most of you, I still had laundry to do. Floors to sweep & swiff. Dogs to walk. A shower to take. (Haven't gotten to the later quite yet). I thought to break up the day for all of you, I would show you what I've been up too. I have been soooo inspired by The Nesters Blog and her "misstreatments" for her windows, that I thought I would have a go at it. Seriously, I've never really liked window curtains, drapes, etc... They always looked so Memere' to me. You know, old, heavy, just ugly. Let the sun shine in I would always say. However, I had the best time with my new hot glue gun, burlap, clearance material & pompoms, (found at the Wal-Mart), even my 13 year old was VERY, VERY, impressed. And you know 13 year olds are ANYTHING but impressed with what ever their moms are doing. Her exact words upon seeing my handy work were, "Gee Mom, they look expensive" And you know what, she was right! THANK YOU NESTER!!! I am so inspired, I am going to attempt another room.

Here is a close up of the back side of the "expensive" curtain.

Notice how I had Blue Eyed Husband, (wait maybe it was the 18yr. old), hang the rod higher than I ever would have thought to do myself. (Thanks again Nester)

I couldn't be any more pleased with the end results. Plus I had a ball making them. NOT ONE STITCH ALL HOT GLUE! YEAH BABY!!! THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!!!

My sister who does sew, (and beautifully I might add), was herself impressed. Yes, times, they are a changin. New President in, Old one out. Hot Glue Gun plugged in, Sewing Machine, up to the attic please 18 year old. Oh yeah, thats right, I don't even own one. That was my sister. Guess what? I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a hot glue gun either. Hugs from Maine


The Nester said...

LOVE that you used BURLAP!!!

I'm gonna have to have another mistreatment party so we can all share our good ideas!

Good job!

Rechelle said...

Those curtains are beautiful! If I ever get around to making some for myself, I am going to do the exact same thing! Except totally different of course. Welcome to blogging. Isn't it fun!

Paula said...

You are too funny, sis girl. I still DO have my sewing machine out gathering dust ... and you are right, I do not have a glue gun. Oh well.

xo xo

Juli said...

I love those curtains. Working on the living and dining room, well finishing what I started a couple of years back. I think what makes your curtains looks so expensive is the fabric you chose. That can make all the difference. Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I attempted a couple of years back and just could never think of anything to write. Got some negative feedback so I sort of left it at that. MAybe I will get back on the blogging wagon
Thanks for the encouragement.

Amy said...

These are gorgeous!!! I'm inspired to try it!

Juli said...

Oh Lisa! How did I miss those beautiful burlap drapes. They look so good. I may have to snag your idea. I have 20 foot ceilings in my family room with 10 stacked windows (5 on top, 5 on bottom) The whole wall is sort of a bay thingy so you can't really hang a rod all the way across. I was thinking just a short rod on each end with a long panel to give the illusion of drapes but still that is 7 yards of fabric per panel. Who can afford that? BUT, if I use some scraps and your burlap idea well I think I can do the whole thing for under $100. Great, another project to add to the list. Thanks.

Smiles from Georgia,

Juli said...

Ok, so apparently I did see the drapes and commented. Well all I can say is it has been a long month and many projects ago. I can't keep them all straight. LOL!

Smiles from your nutty friend in Georgia!

Sweet Caroline said...

I am wondering if that color burlap is see-through? I have a lighter shade, and it is. I thought about getting the darker shade-

LOVE THEM! Very cool and hip!

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

I am SO inspired by your beautiful mistreatment. I went out today and bought the burlap. Yay! TONS of it. AND, my hubby keeps complaining about the smell. So, I gotta ask ya. Does the smell go away?

Thanks in advance!!