Sunday, January 18, 2009

Loving The Lord At Tim Hortons

If your in my area on any Sunday night and are wanting a hot cup of coffee, stop by Tims, and join us for a cup. Every Sunday night we get together over coffee, and share concerns, joys, and just enjoy each others company. We also encourage each other in our faith with prayer. AND WE LAUGH A LOT!!! LOUDLY! Not to loud that these guys need to kick us out or anything, Their use to us. Trust me. (I think the guy on the right is cold. Must be in drive-thru). What a gift it is to gather with friends and share what God is doing in our lives. I am truly blessed.

Now I'm going to take this, Other wise know at my house as "Don't touch my hot water bottle!!!" I will fill my friend with the hottest water we have, and head up to bed where it will warm my feet for many an hour on this cold Maine night. This was known as a "poor mans" electric blanket when I was growing up, and you'd better believe I still have one. The 13 year old has her own. She use to "borrow" mine. I put a stop to that REAL quick. Notice the name written on the top. In case she tries to claim it as her own. I don't think so sweetie!!! Find your own. Hugs from Maine GRAB SOME FRIENDS AND GO HAVE COFFEE!

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