Thursday, January 29, 2009

Corn Chowda Other Wise Known As Butta Chowda

I have gotten quite a few inquires about how to make my corn chowda, so I thought I would share it with you even though it isn't a measured receipe. I'll try to make it sound real important like. Sewing Sister, (Paula actually. She does have a real name), reminded me in her comment, that I often refer to it as Butter Chowda because I use TONS of butter. More butter than you are probably comfortable with, but use it anyway. You'll be glad you did. So here goes.
Melt two sticks of salted butter in a large pot. Yes, 2 sticks.

Finely mince a medium size onion, add to the melting butter.

I use about a half of a bag of frozen corn and I add it to this slow, simmering mixture

While that is simmering, I boil about 5 pounds of potatoes that I have cut into cubes,

This is where the "secret" comes in. Blue Eyed Husband never really cared for my corn chowder for the past, oh, I'd say, 20 years. He'd eat it, never raved about it, but always raved about the corn chowda at Western Avenue Market they made on Wednesdays. Well, stepping out of his comfort zone one Wednesday, Blue Eyed Husband asked them why her corn chowda was so creamy, thick. It's because she used this,

She put Half & Half instead of milk, which is why I only made corn chowd(er), never qualifying it to be called corn chowda. So... I drain the boiled potatoes, and add them to the simmering corn/onion/butta mixture. Pour half & half over the mixture just enough to cover. Add pepper, (there is already enough salt from the butta), and serve warm, with biscuits.

I have friends who add bacon, salt pork... I keep it simple I guess. Blue Eyed Husband raves about it, and now calls it Corn Chowda! I'm happy. Thanks Western Avenue Market. Hugs from Maine


{oc cottage} said...

That looks sooooo amazing!!! YUM!

M ^..^

Kathleen said...

Anything with butter and half & half has got to be good. You are most generous to share your recipe, I intend to make some for my husband, LL, if he ever gets home. Have a fantastic week-end, Lisa....Hugs

Lois Christensen said...

That seems so easy to do! I am printing this out and hope to make it next weekend. I have leftover chicken going into a pot for chicken soup tomorrow. I love corn chowder and always thought it was so hard to do. I'll let you know how it turns out!!! Thanks! Oh, I use half and half for my mashed potatoes now and they are to die for!

A Seaside House said...

Thanks so much for mailing me so nice words about my blog, I really appreciate it!I wish you and your family a great weekend!
Hugs from Norway

Unknown said...

From one Maine gal to another....Thanks so much for this chowda recipe - I've never been successful making one so I'm gonna give this a try!!!

Have a great day!

Melissa said...

oh, i am so excited about this recipe! and is that Aldi butter i spy?? can't wait to try this!