Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Yourself Some Vitamin D Today

When we were kids, I don't ever remember talk about people being low in vitamin D. Living in Maine, it can get pretty darn COLD. My mother always said, "If it's nice outside, kids belong out." My brother and I would get bundled up, (like our 5 siblings before us). That alone would take 20 minutes! Out we went. Even if it was only for a half an hour. I of course brought our kids up the same way. Bundle up for 20, out for at least 30. It worked. They not only survived, they loved it. Today as I was walking the dogs, I stopped and sat a bit at a stone bench that has been placed there by someone smart enough to know that spot would be frequented often. Probably more in the warmer months, but frequented anyway. Well, I took 15 minutes (the said amount required for ample vitamin D consumption), and sat facing the warm sun as the dogs played. WOW!!!

Not only did I get the required vitamin D necessary for today, (not a real concern for me), I got soooo much more. In those 15 minutes, I had time to see the gazillion crystal snow particles on the tree branches. I filled my lungs with the freshest of winter air only in Maine this time of year. I listened as the river passed by below the bank. And I also heard from God. Yeah, He talked to me this morning. He spoke to me about something that has been heavy on my heart lately, and He gave me peace about it. Peace that only He can give.

Friends, wherever you live, get outside today! If it's cold, bundle up. Bundle up REAL good. But get outside. Even if it's just out your back door to stand quiet for 15 minutes. Take the time to breathe deeply, close your eyes, or look around at the beauty God has out there for you to enjoy, soak up. And while your there, getting your daily vitamin D requirement, listen for His voice. He just might have something to tell you. Hugs from Maine Yes, these are my actual pictures I took with my Wal-Mart $100 camera. Neat huh.


Paula said...

Love your blog sis girl. The pictures are awesome! So much can be done with so little.

Isn't it refreshing to know that what mom taught us all those years ago, you at one end of the sibling scale and me way at the other end works today too ... Just like the Bible hun?

It was fun to see you and Erica having all that fun together.

Your theory of girls needing girlfriends is soooo true.

"Out of the mouths of babes!" (I can say that coz' you are my youngest sister.)

I love you.

sis # 1

Joy said...

Your photos are beautiful and so peaceful looking. However, I'm reading this in May, so I'm glad the snow is gone!