Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Girlfriend Tip!

Well, I was already to post a blog about how gosh darn frustrated I was because my cord is missing. You know the one I'm talking about. The one that lets me put pictures from the camera to the computer. Yeah, that one. Gone. If you know me or have read any of my previous posts, you've probably figured out that I like everything to have a place, and for everything to be in it's place. Yes, I know, can we say, OCD? I'm good with it. I still have friends. Anyway, just as I'm in mid post, Girlfriend calls and tells me about this awesome cleaning experience she just had. Yeah thats what I said. (We often laugh and say we must be cut from the same OCD, cloth). She has a beautiful pig Camile and two dogs, Roodey and Bo. Girlfriend has been spraying them with this mixture of 3 parts fabric softener, 1 part water. WHAT!? Yeah, thats what I said too. Now Girlfriend adores her pets, (she isn't a fanatic or anything), but she really loves them. So when she told me that after she bathes them as they are still wet she sprays them down and then towels them off, I was all ears. Girlfriend says it doesn't in any way make them itch, irritate their skin, or any of the concerns one might have from using fabric softener on your pet. And boy do they smell good. For days! Not only that, their fur/hair is softer than a babies butt. So she thought why not try this on my cupboards and counter tops. Thats where the awesome cleaning experience came in. After disinfecting the counter tops, (a girlfriend after my own heart) she started spraying the fabric softener mixture on and continued to the cupboards ( wiping them down), and was happily surprised with the results. And of course, it smelled scrumptious and not all cleaning product like. So, God inturpted my plan to complain to all of you today, and instead gave me something fun and useful to tell you about. Love that! Thank you Lord! And guess what, I just found the cord where Blue Eyed Husband suggested it might be. In 16 year olds room. Teenagers, gotta loveum. Why are my teeth clenched together right now? Hugs from Maine

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