Saturday, January 17, 2009


YES!!! I just figured out how to post some of my gazillion favorite blogs, on my blog, the right way. Yeah, I know, novice here. Get with the program you say. Well, I considered deleting my previous post out of shear embarrassment. But then I thought, I can't be the only blog novice who is dying, oops, I mean trying, to get into this blogging world. You all seem like REAL gals just sharing your lives, loves, and such. You seem very easy to get to know, accepting, kind hearted. And besides you know, God is so good. He cares about the small things that are important to us. Even if they don't REALLY matter in the big scheme of things. I so wanted to be able to post my favorite blogs, on the side of my blog, in the order of the most recent post. Like I've seen on my favorite blogs. And Amen, I did it. No, I won't take the credit for it. I like to give credit where credit is do. You know, keep it real. For me, that was Gods way of letting me know that, as I sit here in my pajammers all day not doing a whole lot for Him, He is still doing things for me. He even cares about the small stuff in my life. Yeah, Really! The Small Stuff. So I will keep my previous post and humble attempt at sharing a handful of my favorite blogs, and keep it REAL here, while I chalk it up to one of MANY, things I shall learn about blogging. Live and Learn I say. Yikes, I might even try posting a picture next! Wish me lunch. Oh I mean luck. Hugs from Maine UPDATE: PICTURE POSTING SUCCESS! THANK YOU JESUS!

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