Friday, January 23, 2009

A Night With The King

Are you doing that King thing tonight? That is what 18 year old just asked me. Yeah I am bud. Guys. These are some of the items I am bringing to spend A Night With The King.

Yeah, I'm spending A Night With The King, and all my girlfriends from church. We're having a girls over night at church with food, pajammers, talking, more food... But we're also learning more about

How significant she was to God, and how we too can have favor with Him. It promises to be a great night. Sleep, naaaahhh.

I'm going to bring my favorite snack,

If you haven't tried these, GET SOME NOW! I don't even like chips but these take me to a whole different place. Seriously.

Hopefully,I won't forget to pack my good friend,

Sweet Baby Girl, other wise know as 13year old is using it at the moment. She doesn't feel good, and well, who knows where hers is

You can see it peaking through the top of 13 year olds blanket saying, "Lisa, don't forget me!" Blue Eyed Husband is not only the BEST husband, he is also an awesome dad and will take really great care of Sweet Baby Girl while I'm spending A Night With The King, so I don't have to worry about her. Boy I love that guy. For those of you who are not attending tonights girly get together, maybe you can get together with your friends and have a night of your own too. Hug from Maine.

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I'll be right over!