Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Missing My Florida Sister

I just got off the phone with one of my favorite sisters. I have two. She has lived in Florida longer than I wish she did. Over 20 years now I think. Her and her husband were out walking their sweet 13 year old dog, Ian. (Don't we love cell phones). Ian was wearing a his little red sweater. She said she thought it was going to get down to 20 degrees there tonight. REALLY. I think she heard the sarcasm in my voice. She knows how cold it's been here these past couple of weeks. She is a good sister and follows my blog. But she's my older sister, and she ignores any rude behavior from her little sis. She's nice like that. Although she doesn't miss the Maine winters, she does miss her brothers and sisters, etc... (and Maine and siblings are a package deal). And boy, do we miss her. She is the sister that reminds me soooo much of our mom. Even though the three of us as well as our 4 brothers look very much alike, Florida sister is the one that looks so much like mom to me. Even her mannerisms are like mom. When we were together not to long ago, I reached for her hand, and I got a little freaked out because it felt just like our moms. Now I'm not one to get freaked out to easily, but this was something. Our mom has been gone for 17 years next month. Boy, has time gone by fast.

I miss you Florida sister every day, and look forward to a time when you will be "home", (Maine) again. Even if its just for a season. And oh yeah, you can't fool me, you still remember how much fun it is here in the winter.

Florida sister sliding with Ian (When you grow up in Maine you say sliding. I know proper english. I just don't always use it. It's a Maine thing.)BIG Hugs from Maine

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Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've had fun looking through your blog, what a delight. I have to admit, I've never met anyone from Maine, so consider yourself my first Maine bud! I'll check back again to see what's going on in your neck o' the woods. I'll bring my coffee with me!