Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Man With The Cross

It was such a beautiful warm morning here in Maine. Almost like a spring day. Wait, wasn't it just 15 below two days ago. I was on my way home from setting up the coffee table at our church, and I drove by someone that I've wanted to meet, and thank personally. Today, I had the opportunity, and so do you,

He is known as the man with the cross. This blessing of a man spends his day walking around town, stopping here and there, lifting up his cross , praying. If you stop at a light, or a stop sign, he will more than likely stop with you, lift up his cross to heaven, and pray for you. He does this daily.

It seems unusual for us to see someone walking around publicly talking to God. Giving Him Glory. Singing praises to Him, without a care as to what anyone thinks.
I'm sure this man has had his share of hurtful comments and harsh words screamed out car windows from those very people he probably prays for.

The question I ask myself is WHY? Why are we as people, so uncomfortable seeing someone unashamed to love God? Are we uncomfortable because we are really being convicted? So we rationalize the guy with the cross and say, "He's just crazy". We hide God and our love for Him when we are around certain people. In a public place. We take God out of our pocket, off the shelf, when it works for us. Put Him back when it doesn't. Wasn't Jesus the man with the cross. The man who carried a cross for us so long ago. The cross He hung from to take on our sins, for us? (Sorry all. I'm talking to myself right now.)

"My mother loved Jesus, and was never afraid to let people know it. She always told me to give Jesus all the glory and praise. Not to be afraid to show Him to everyone." "When you see me wave my cross in the air, I'm praising God."

I'm glad I stopped and took a moment to meet "the guy with the cross". I can tell you, he's not crazy. I could use a little of his boldness for Christ. I am also eternally grateful to have met the other guy with the cross. Jesus, over 20 years ago. That guy with the cross, Jesus, saved my life, my marriage, my family.

I thanked him for praying for our city, and the people in it. He said he too could always use prayer, if I ever could.
I assured him that I will pray for him when ever our paths cross.

"Bless you and your family Dear. Blessings to you and your family."

And to you cross man, blessings to you.

Hugs From Maine


Happy Mama said...

I wish I could be like him. I really do.

PS. Ah, coffee would be wonderful.:-)

Linda said...

I've had fun catching up on your blog. I totally want to take a field trip to Girlfriend's house. What a visual treat! And what a great friend you have and you are.

Ok, I really need to check out TJ Max ... I think I'm missing something.

Love the cross man ... tell him he has fellow friends in Christ praying for him all the way across the country. And tell him Thank You for sharing his faith and love.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I've been learning the older I get not to be ashamed. My father was a pastor and growing up I was always so embarrassed to tell people what my dad for a living, silly, but I was so scared. Now I proudly tell them how much my father loved the Lord! What a wonderful person this man is to go around town, unafraid, to pray!!! Thanks for sharing and for saying thanks to him!!!

The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Thanks for sharing about the cross man! He is a wonderful man and my family and I enjoy waving to him as we drive around WTVL as well! He has more than once given me a momma moment, as I call them, when I could share with my kids the boldness that he shows and the kindness in his eyes that show his genuine love for God and people.
I am sure that he prayed for you more than once today and thank you for blessing him and me today!

Mrs H said...

You're so right. People get uncomfortable when they see others deviate from the norm. This man reminds me of an Oklahoma native named Keith Wheeler, here is his website, he does something similar yet very different as his ministry but so powerful.

Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

Great post! It's so nice that you stopped to meet him.


Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice guy! I could use a big dose of the complete faith myself! I just ordered Love Dare and thinking about ordered Fireproof your life today.

carsick said...

I've been sorta lurking at your blog and I love it. But than I see this guy and say WAIT! I see this same guy.I see him walking up the road on our way to soccer in the spring and fall. I see him when I'm sneeking to McDonalds and now I even see him by The Walmarts. How is this possible? Apparently we are close.

2true said...

Hi Lisa - It's Jenn from down the street. We live next door to John (my kids call him St. John) and he comes over evry spring to ask if he can pick some of my lilacs. He calls me "Jenni-fah". :)