Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been making french toast for our peeps for 24 years now. I use to make it the way my mom taught me. It was good, and always one of my favorites. Then the invention of flavored coffee cream came to be and WATCH OUT SISTA, FRENCH TOAST HAS NEVER TASTED SO GOOD.

Here are the FOUR simple ingredience for what my peeps, and their friends tell me is the best french toast EVA!!!

Now if there is anything you've learned about me is # 1, I walk the OCD line, often getting my big toe wet in the OCD pond. What can I say but,I'm workin on it. #2, I love Blue Eyed Husband and my Peeps. And #3, I LOVE BUTTA, REAL SALTED BUTTA. (not as much as I love Blue Eyed Husband, but the peeps are neck and neck on a bad day) This real salted butta, is a very, very, very, important ingredient in this french toast. Please don't use liquid plastic. I mean margarine, or any other fake butter. It just will not taste the same.
Oh yeah, I don't measure stuff. I just pour in what looks right. Hey, thats 4 things.

When you mix the egg and Vanilla Cream together, I always use MORE cream, less egg. So it doesn't taste eggy, but real vanilla like. Don't worry, I really put a lot of cream, to a couple of eggs for a whole loaf of bread. You really can't put to much cream. When you think you've put enough, pour in a little more.

I know what your thinking. You'll just use real vanilla, not vanilla coffee cream. Maybe use skim milk trying to be all healthy like. Well, DON'T DO IT! Just try it my way once. You'll be hooked.

The last two things you REALLY need to do is use Texas Toast. You know, the thick kind of bread. If you don't, you'll end up with bread that is all soggy like.
Also, notice the nice BIG,pads of real salted butta on top of every flipped over piece of lightly browned french toast? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do this. It really makes all the difference.

If you follow those simple steps, you too will be a French Toast Queen. The envy of all dog walkers on Saturday morning in the neighborhood. Everyone and the Mailman will be knocking at your door for YOUR famous french toast. The kids will come running from every corner of the house to join you at the table for breakfast. Their friends will ask to sleep over just so you can make YOUR famous french toast. You'll even be asked time and time again to make it for girly church sleep overs.

And if that weren't enough, your 13 year old who claims everything you do, every breath you take, every move you make annoys the crap out of her, will come to the kitchen and say, "MOM, THAT SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD!!!"
Imagine That!

That last one is my favorite.

And yeah, your welcome friend.

Hugs from Maine


Real Mom, Real Life said...

MMMMmmmmm! This sounds SO good. I am always looking for ways to tweek my French Toast.

I made what I thought was the best french toast... my kids love it. I seriously almost posted about it a couple days ago. But now, after reading your secret, I think you win...

Texas Toast is definately the best.

I am hungry now. Thanks!:)

Miss Jen said...

Oh my...I love french toast and this looks simply scrumptious!!! Thanks soooo much for sharing. Hope you had a delightful day.

Love & Blessings,
Miss Jen

Tracey said...

Okay,,I'm ready for breakfast and I dont' even feel well.. but you tempted me enough to want to eat that French Toast!! Looks delicious!! Have a good day!

Tonya said...

Awww, that sounds so good. I am definately going to have to indulge.

Thanks for the recipe...I am all over it!

So blessed! said...

Oh my...that looks so delicious. Of course, no calories.

You changed your header! Sorry...I just loved the other one. I do love white dishes too though.

I'm off to fix some french toast. Have a blessed Saturday, full of fun.

Pam said...

Mmmm. I love me some French Toast. And I'm all with you on the real butta, thing. Nothing else compares. I never would have thought of using flavored coffee creamer. How ingenious! I am wondering you get Texas toast, though. I've only ever seen it in the frozen food section covered in garlic. I'm thinking that would NOT go good with the vanilla, eggs and syrup!

Mel said...

Mmmmmm.....I definitely have got to try this! And as far as OCD goes, I walk the line with you, although I might be a bit over the line. But I've been workin on it, and it's not near as bad as it used to be. Good to know there are others out there!:) I am going to try this French Toast....we made your corn (butta)chowder, and everyone loved it! It was a hit!

Barb said...

Oh I wish I had been there for breakfast I love french toast and yours looks so yummy....Barb

Kathleen said...

Nothing like real butta...people who say margarine and butta taste the same, haven't had real butta for a long time. This french toast thing looks dee-lish...I will have to give it a try. Right, gotta have the texas toast, too. Have a happy day, hugs, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Wish I could reach through the computer and grab a bite!! Looks delicious!! I will have to try this recipe! I am a French Toast fan as well but I use thin bread so it gets super crispy!! And, a big YES to the real butter. YUM!!

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna have to try it!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't believe I haven't commented on this post yet... because I have been thinking about them ever since you post them....

I am already addicted and haven't even made any yet.... LOL

Just A Gal...