Monday, February 2, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, Monday

Yes, it's Monday. My day to share a few of my favorite things with you. All three are very practical,useful. Things I use daily actually. The third favorite thing is not only practical, but holds a special place in my heart too. Here goes, laugh if you must at this first one. (Yeah, I'm talking to you Debbie P),

A bottle of rubbing alcohol and paper towels. I saw my very, very, intelligent sister in-law who by the way was a surgical nurse,use this on her kitchen counter one day, years ago. Me, loving a good cleaning product, got right on the band wagon, and have been using it ever since. Now, I don't use it on the counter tops, but I do clean my toilets with it every day. (Sorry Blue Eyed Husband.) Sometimes B.E.H doesn't realize I've just cleaned it,and I haven't dried it completely, he uses it, and comes out with a bacteria free tush. (Blue Eyed Husband has a great sense of humor.)
Quick, easy, cheap. Not to mention, bacteria killing. I also use this on door nobs, light switches, toothbrushes, keyboards, phones. Love it!!!

The next fav thing is this beauty,

I use this long, warm, cozy friend to hide my pajammers in the morning when I take the girls on a walk. I look all put together with my boots, hat, gloves, L.L.Bean jacket. No one but the dogs know that I'm more than likely wearing P.J.'s underneath. And to think I only paid $30.00 for it at a second hand store! Did you see that removable lining!

The last thing I'll share with you today as one of my favorite things has been extremely practical, and is also one of my most cherished, loved on, you can have anything else I own things, just please don't ask for this, is, well, you take a look for yourself,

This is our kitchen table. Blue Eyed Husband made it for me with our boys about 15 years ago, when we moved into our house. I knew I needed a strong, large, let the peeps climb right on the top of it, kind of table.That of course is something only Blue Eyed Husband can do. And boy did he ever. The table is 4feet by 8feet, and is made from the floor of a barn. The barn floor was part of a salvage job Blue Eyed Husband had taken on, and barn wood was brought home to use all over our house. (The bench is also made by B.E.H., and is barn wood).

Our peeps have literally grown up on and at that table. They home schooled there, made countless Lego set ups there. We at family dinners there night after night, year after year. That table is part of our family really.

We've served almost all of our extended family gatherings at this table. Friends and neighbors have joined us for games, coffee, and good conversation. Yes, this table Blue Eyed Husband made with our boys is absolutely one of my favorite things. But then again, so is Blue Eyed Husband. I am truly blessed. Have a great Monday! Hugs From Maine


Kathleen said...

Good Afternoon....Every woman in Maine needs one of those LL Bean jackets, don't ya know. I love your table. I have my Mom's table, which she had since I was 13, so let's just say it's been around for awhile. You can seat at least 10 people at it. I love having it, especially since my Mom has gone to heaven. There is nothing better, than sitting down with your family at a meal. I love reading your blog, have a great day! Hugs, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Oh my I love that table. I have been looking for one that I really like so my husband could make me one. Really really love yours!

Would love to see more photos of your home!

Mel said...

Alcohol would be such an inexpensive cleaner too...and I love your kitchen table. My hubby is wanting to make us one too; we have a round one with the leaf right now, but I don't particularly care for that leaf section; it's not much fun to keep clean.:) Your table is beautiful!

Mrs H said...

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog the other day! The table your husband and sons built for you is beautiful. That is something that will stay in your family forever. He did a wonderful job. I think it is so cool that it is made of barn wood!

Anonymous said...

You clean your toilets EVERY day? Wow!! Once a week, here, twice if company's coming...great idea about the rubbing alcohol.

RunTX said...


Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Wow! I love your blog! First, my Mom has always used alcohol on door knobs and I didn't know anyone else did that! Next, I love's beautiful! And I love you table! My husband built our large table and we do our school there, eat, build legos, and all that! It's one of my favorite things! I'll be back!