Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pancakes Anyone?

This Saturday Morning, I was served these yummy , hot, berry beauties,

along with ice cold juice of choice,

I of course covered them in plenty of this,

Thanks Jordy!

The guy who made them

pancake man, otherwise known as Pastor Larry, is the very brave, sometimes crazy Youth Pastor of these guys,

Can you see 13 year old in the middle of that awesome crew.

Later in the afternoon, 13 year old and her friends were over at our house and were, "bored mom, what can we do?"

Well you know what I said don't you?

How about T.J. Max!!!

So off I went with 4 smiling, giggling girls and look what I found for $20.oo!!!

Your right, a Beautiful White, Full Size Ralph Lauren Cable Blanket!!!!!!

My bubble of happiness was quickly popped when 3 of the 4 girls asked with big puppy dog eyes if they could get this,

Who could say no to them. Well, you know I didn't get the blanket. And it would have looked so good in our "new" bedroom. Teenagers!!!

Hugs From Maine


RunTX said...

Those pancakes look delicious..
My oldest daughter says her mouth got wattery, looking at them :)
God bless you and yours!

Anonymous said... pancakes. Nice blanket too. I'm visiting from Woman in a Window. I lived in ME for 6 years, so you hooked me into your blog when I read your little bio.

Come visit me sometime on the domestic fringe.

Tracey said...

I;m glad someone does this. When I go shoppping I try to buy something, but usually it ends up being for one of my daughters or husband. I can never say no to my girls..I think sometimes I do too much.. but they are always appreciative and I love them. Great pancakes and what a wonderful group you have.. Blessing to you and your family.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, I would have charged them a "taxi" service fee so I could afford the Ralph Lauren blanket!!! Go back and get it! You deserve it!! Hope your Sunday is a great one. The pancakes looked fabulous!!! Your daughter is adorable!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

How sweet that your husband fixed breakfast for you all, one of my fondest memories growing up was when my dad would fix breakfast on Saturdays for us.

How sweet of you to forgo that pretty blanket for your girls. It created another memory of my childhood when I would see my mother sacrifice for us girls,she had three girls who were very close in age and someone was always needing something....... But after we left home she more than made up for those sacrifices, that sweet lady has three times as many clothes and what nots than I do. LOL!!!! and deserves them.!!!so hang on your day is coming.LOL!!!!
have a blessed day.