Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Up After Midnight!

It's 12 midnight, and I normally would be sleeping way before now, but I stayed up late for a good cause. As I was getting coffee ready for the morning, I had a few minutes to reflect about the evening.

Time goes by so very quickly. What a gift it was for me to be able to have old friends at my home.

Allison gave me a scarf made by her and her 11 year old daughter Zoey. Isn't it just

We spent the evening, eating good food, sharing funny stories about police officers, little boys named Tucker, guinea pigs named Chip, (remember girls, use no names), the coupon game, and just getting caught up on each others lives.

We broke out Allisons Black & White Cupcakes, vanilla icecream, and comfy pajammas.

Yeah, there even yummier than they look!

I think that I like being 44, and spending time with people I knew when I was 18. Even though I really didn't like 18 all that much, I love these girls. Yes, these 44 year old girls.

I felt a love and connection to them that I didn't know we had until tonight. Maybe it has always been there since High School, we just needed to be 44, to recognize, appreciate, and cherish it... And I truly do.

Hugs from Maine, to you 44 year old girls. You still all look 18 to me!!

I will ask Allison for the Black and White recepe and post it.


Back in the Day said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful night! Looks like a lot of fun and the scarf is great!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Looks like you had a great time reconnecting with your friends!! Everyone seems so happy! And it's nice not to be 18 anymore and deal with all those silly issues we had back then, right?? Loved the pictures, thanks!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!!!!

wish I could do the same!!!

Enjoy you time!! and tell us all about it so we can at least live it through you :)

Just A Gal...

Pam said...

It looks AND sounds like you all had such a great time! I'm so happy for you to still have such great friends through so many years. I wouldn't want to be 18 again, either. Ugh! Of course, it would be nice to have my 18 year old body and my middle aged mind...aaah, one can dare to dream!


P.S. The scarf is gorgeous!

Nicoleigh said...

After you post a picture of cupcakes....aren't you suppose to post the recipe as well? They look too good!! Please do share!

Allison said...

We made it! Kathleen and I are ecstatic we made it on your blog!!!!!!!!! LOL
Seriously, I had such a spectacular night with you and the rest of the girls.
I think there is something about old friends (I don't mean "old", I mean long-time). There's a comfort there like a pair of PJ pants. They knew you way back when...and still want to know you! As a 40-someting mom, wife,'s easy to lose yourself in your kids and/or husband...being with "the girls" reminds you of who you REALLY are! I hope we can make this a regular gathering. At least every couple of months.
Your home is absolutley comfortable, homey, warm, cozy...I could have slept over. Didn't you get the hint when I put on my pajamas???? LOL
Thank you for a WONDERFUL night!
PS I'll send you the cupcake recipe when I get home!

Susan said...

It looks like you and you friends had a really wonderful time!

Kathleen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful night. I would say you are all looking mighty fine for 44. And what woman who is over the age of 30, would ever want to be 18 again? Since I am fifty-ish....I can tell you the forties were my best years! Go for all the gusto!!! Hugs, Kathleen PS How much snow did you get?

RunTX said...