Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Bedroom

I called up Girlfriend (the one with the incredible bedroom), and asked if I could come by for a minute before I picked up the boys at school to see her Valentine Bed. Of course she said yes. Look what was waiting for us when I got there.

Peaceful music was playing and we had the best hot tea with little gingerbread sticks. Hershey kisses, and strawberries on the side sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yeah I know what your thinking. You wish she were YOUR Girlfriend right! She is awesome.

And if you think the tea was sweet, just take a look at this girls Valentine Bed

Your gonna want to enlarge these pictures,

Notice how she used the shutters and door as a headboard. Clever and so cozy.

This bedroom is a fabulous combination of feminine and masculine. Just the right balance of both. The colors compliment each other and are pleasing to the eye.

She has an eye for details and you can see it through out the room.

Now you can see why she not only inspires me to re-do our bedroom, but is also helping me along in the process.

Girlfriend was gracious to allow me to take more pictures in her home. I will post more tonight. For now, I leave you with a picture of her sweet friend, Camile

Isn't she cute!!! Thanks for having me over Girlfriend. I Love You!

Hugs from Maine


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous-Gorgeous-Gorgeous I am dying to see more of that beautiful home!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, why can't my bedroom look like that?? I think I have it all together and then see pictures like that!! Love it!!!! Love the little tea she had prepared for you....can I be her friend too??? All kidding aside, I'm handing out awards tomorrow, so please stop by and pick yours up!!! Enjoy!

Margo said...

this bedroom is amazing...although, I must tell you, that I don't know if my sweet hubby would like it as much as me! Oh, btw, you and I do not have ONE PICTURE together...just me and you...I think that neither of us wanted to really face up to the fact that I was leaving! I thought I would see you again in just a couple of it's been 2 years.

Anonymous said...

OH How wonderful and what a great friend!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Just A Gal...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous house!!!!

Tracey said...

Fantastic Pictures of perfect rooms.. you have a good friend there.. she's a keeper!!

Anonymous said...

This has been one amazing house. I'm in love with it. The door and shutters...I don't even words. AMAZING, fabulous, terrific, lovely, I WANT IT!