Monday, February 9, 2009

Unpeeling The Layers

I'm joining my blog friend Amy, over at her blog,

in an attempt to get to know each other better by sharing five random things we might not already know. So here are my 5, in no particular order,

#1, The ring Blue Eyed Husband placed on my finger the day we were married is actually my mothers wedding ring my dad put on her finger, on their wedding day.

#2, All of our 3 boys have the same middle name, Stephen, which is their dads first name. My doing.

#3, I'm the youngest of 7 children

#4, My favorite boots are from L.L.Bean, and have springers on them.

and the #5 random thing you might not know about me, (and probably could care less),
I love to take walks at night when the snow is falling. It's so quiet and peaceful.


Anonymous said...

ohh my goodness! Im so glad you decided to play along!!! (I was so pleasantly surprised!) I LOVED reading yours! The wedding ring story is soo neat! I think little random facts that make us who we are- we may think as boring possibly, where others view them as so unique and interesting! Thank you for making my day!

RunTX said...

interesting... :)

Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

I love walking in the snow too!

Your white dishes on that hutch are fantastic and your friend's house is amazing :)

God Bless Cross Man. I hope nothing brings him harm.