Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back From Goodwill, Salvation Army, & Christmas Tree

Well, I started out the day going to Wal-Mart with my Sweet Baby Girl. She needed some things and so off we went.
Don't hate me, but the flowers are fake, and I LOVE THEM!!! I know, I know, remember the fake flower rule. DON'T BUY THEM. Well I did, and I would do it again, and probably will. Please don't call Oprah.

I go by the "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder" thing. My eye sees these as beautiful, cheap, and yeah, cheap. And I'm beholden these fake flowers someplace in my house. Just don't know where yet. Actually I do, and will show you later. (But you can bet Girlfriend is having a fit right now. Right Girlfriend.) I paid $1.50 for each large bunch on clearance!!! I know there still fake.

Few, now that I've got that out of the way, lets make our way over to the Christmas Tree Shop shall we. And look what was only $2.99! They were $4.99 last week! Can we say WOOO WEEE!

Also, this mirror is one that I've looked longingly at in magazine pictures, always hoping to find one I could afford. Well today was the day. It too was on clearance at Christmas Tree. Someone had unwrapped it and the price went from $29.00 to $10.00!!! No Girlfriend, it wasn't me. Really.

I ended up going to the doctors today. I wasn't really feeling myself. Just not right. So I figured while I was out, I might as well see if they can get me in. You know, just to check things out. And ladies... I officially have it. I know, its a bit early, but I truly have, the SPRING FEVER!!!

It's O.K. though. The doctor said I seem to have a handle on how to treat it, and there is no need for any medication or follow up. Yeah, I know how to treat it alright.

I just went to Goodwill in Augusta, and found this for .99cents. It is a book Country Doctors Wife recomended. She sent me the second book that goes along with it in a give away she had last month. I've been waiting to read it because I wanted to start with the first one. Well, my wait is ovah.

And last but of course not least, I found this vase also at the Augusta Goodwill for .99cents. I love how flowers (even fake) look in these.

Just a shot of some of the things I'm gathering to transform a very cozy room in our house.

So there you have it Girls. God has once again blessed me with many treasures, all on sale, some I've coveted for awhile. Some I can enjoy as my fever goes away.

Hugs from Maine

Oh yeah, the blue plate was a T.J.Max find last week. I have three all together. Three for $3.00each.


Robynn's Ravings said...

They all look GORGEOUS just laying there! Can't wait to see the magic you work with them. :)

Juli said...

Wow you were busy today. Can't wait to see what you do with it all. By the way, the blue plate...TJMaxx? They look just like some I was looking at in the 3 TJ's I went into today. The blue is so pretty and fresh but as you know will not go anywhere in my house. :(
Only ended up buying the clearance bowl filler.

Barb said...

You lucky girl love all your goodies....Barb

Cricket said...

I just went and got some goodies the other day from the Christmas Tree Shop! They'll be on my blog tomorrow. I (in NH)too, have spring fever--soo ready for winter to be over already. Great blog--this is my first time here!

Linda said...

You find the coolest things! I think the flowers are gorgeous. Who made up the no fake rule anyhow? If you like 'em, I say do it up! Oh, and that pillow in the background ... I have fabric just like that. A girlfriend gave it to me. I think I need to make pillows!

So blessed! said...

Who cares what Oprah thinks...If you like them that is all that matters. They look lovely to me, fake and all. All your purchases are great! Don't you just love TJ Maxx!?! Hope you are all betta soon!

Anonymous said...

Love the items you're collecting. Can't wait to see how you use them. I think fake flowers are A-OK!


Angie said...

Yikes..I have(gasp)fake flowers, too...are we all in trouble now?
;-) I have my reasons though..I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life! Now, I spied a little birdie in the mix there..loving him! Anyway, I had to come over and tell you that I just LOVE your notebook idea and I already talked to my daughter about it..and she is willing. So, I just wrote some stuff in it tonight and hid it in our 'secret place' for her to find it tomorrow. We have a deal that only her and I are to read it. Thank you so much...I am excited about this! Now..I have to go read some more of your have some great ideas, girlie!

Anonymous said...

I have heard that fake flower rule a lot but you know what you have to do what makes your home look great and what reflects you.

Everything looks great!

Tracey said...

I love all your finds.. I was just at the Christmas Tree Shop and didn't see those bird houses... I'll have to go back up after work on Saturday. Great items and lots of fun finding things to make a house a home. Oh, and I like the flowers.. as long as you don't plant them outside :) Have a great Thursday!

Kathleen said...

NOthing gets the adrenaline rushing like finding great stuff at low prices. My heart beats faster just seeiing a sale sign, or stepping into Goodwill. You are a super shopper! You have superb techniques, eagle eyes, and a knack for picking the right item. I love it!!!! Hugs, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

You are truly a blessed women!!!

Love it!

Just A Gal...

The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

You just amaze me! With your boundless energy and enthusiasm!!! I love seeing what you find in your travels you are inspiring me :)
Keep going girl, spring is a comin'

Pam said...

I MUST say, I have NEVER even heard of the the Christmas Tree shop...BUT I WANT ONE! You have gotten the cutest stuff at the greatest prices there. I need to look it up online & see if there is one even remotely close to me. And... I love the mirror. I have adored them from afar for some time now. I always stayed away because of the price tags. $10, though. I think you have a deal finding gift. How fortunate for you!

Susan said...

I love all of your finds! I have a confession too...I LOVE FAKE FLOWERS. There, I said it! Ha!

Tricia Anne said...

What great finds! Your mantel is beautiful! I would love white like that in my home! Love the plate too! Can't wait to see where it all goes.
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne