Friday, February 20, 2009

Kitchen/Dinning Room Table Low-down

So, here's the low- down on the items I have on the table. I wanted you to know that I really do love and shop for bargains all the time.
Starting from the bottom up is the white fabric used as a "table cloth". I found this huge piece at a church lawn sale last summer along with many other beautiful fabric pieces. All for only $15.00. It is thick, long, and has a nice diamond pattern on it.

This set of wooden love birds I found at Christmas Tree Shop just recently for $3.99, each. They are nice and heavy, affordable, versatile, and of course white.

Now for the fun part. I grouped these items together for the sake of picture space on the post, so here goes. From front to back, one of my very favorite things is the huge plain white platter I found at Home Goods. I had looked and looked for one, to no avail.

GoodFriend saw it on one of our shopping trips, and I snatched it. Not right out of her hands per say, (but I have been known to do so. I have really good, forgiving friends). It was $12.99, and worth every penny.

The next platter I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,(I coveted it from GoodFriends house every time I went there), and should have gotten more than one because, if you click the picture to enlarge, & look carefully, you will see a long crack where I dropped it on the floor.
That scream you heard, a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't identify it. Me. Blue Eyed Husband glued it for me, (LOVE HIM) and I am glad it only broke in two pieces. It was $7.99

(Goodfriend thinks I'm foolish because I like to leave the little red sticker on the plates as long as I can. I think there cute. She's probably right)

The two small white plates were on clearance, where else, T.J.'s for $1.00 each. I got four. And the tall beautiful candlesticks were $2.00,each also clearance,at T.J.'s

The flowers of course were $3.00, in their pot, and I cut them out and placed them in H2o. I like that clean look better. (No surprise there, I know).

So there you have it. A beautiful table for little money. Works for me!!!

Hugs from Maine


Paula said...

So, I went to T.J. Max, my little sister's best friend here in town ... and I found a couple of things of interest (and I really tried sis girl ... I really tried!). Some items that was on the clearance racks were 5 goblets, looking pristine and all crystal like. I wanted 8. The blanket for $10 I found, but it was too light for me. (Oh, attitude!)I did however, find something Laurel was looking for and I called her to let her know she could find it at a T.J. Max in Florida. She is going right out to do just that.

Soooo, my first trek shopping for stuff did not fare well, but it was fun.

You will have to suck it up a few times this spring when you go tag 'sailing' and bring me along! I need to get into the swing of things and I am not getting any younger. I've got my tag sneakers ready to role.

I love you!
sis # 1

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Everyone I know goes to the Christmas Tree store but there are none by me!!! Love all the things you have. We don't even have a Home Goods!!! Oh well! Life goes on, right?

Anonymous said...

I am so inspired!!!! Thanks for sharing and I will be looking for those bargains now and forever!!!

Thanks so much and I can't wait to learn more from you!!!

Thanks Again!!

Just A Gal...

Barb said...

I need those plates! That's what I'm wanting to do on my dining room wall and I like the stickers on the plates,I am going to have to visit the christmas tree store soon....Barb

Mel said...

So beautiful, and a picture of spring to come! I love it! I didn't get to TJ's this week (due to ick), but next week, I'm there!:)

lifeinredshoes said...

Look at you, you talented girl! And such a bargain hunter.

Tami said...

Home Goods and T.J.Maxx have the best pieces when it comes to a good prices on white dishes! I saw that little rooster sticker....I love that brand, made really nice and heavy! I must agree it is a cute sticker!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I just love your style. I love all the white! Today I bought a new white shower curtain and two new white hand towels for my bathroom. Totally brightened and transformed the room. I love it!


Pam said...

Beautiful! I have a thing for white dishes, too! What is it about them? I see them and automatically start to salivate.

Lisa said...

New to your blog and I love it. Thanks for your ideas can't wait to see more.