Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Headboard Is Done/I Keep The Strangest Hours

I have so much to tell you, I don't even know where to start. I feel as though I haven't been on my blog for days, and it's only been one! Yikes, do I have a problem? (Lets NOT ask my teenage peeps O.K.)
Sometimes if my friend Shannon and I haven't seen or talked with each other for the week, we meet for coffee at Starbucks. We end up there for at least 2 hours talking each others heads off. We laugh so hard most times. Literally, we ramble on and on and on, talking over each other. Sometimes, actually most times, taking over ourselves. If that is possible. That is what I feel like I'll do this morning. Sorry girlfriends. Bear with me. I've missed ya!

I should be posting better pictures, I know. But it is 4 in the morning, and everyone else is asleep, and so I am going with what I have from last night when sweet, Blue Eyed Husband, used these for me,

We went in the garage, and pulled out some of these, (ice and all at 9 o'clock), and brought them in to make the headboard

(Oh if you could hear my computer right now, it sounds like its crying in pain to me and ready to die. I'd better hurry and post this)

I saw my Girlfriend at where else, WalMart yesterday while doing groceries/bargain hunting. I've been repeating in my mind two important things she has reminded me of, number 1. Use what you have. Number 2. oh shoot, I can't remember... well, it is 4 in the morning.

Anywho, going with the first thing she said, we had these shutters that a very nice couple practically begged me to take last summer at their lawn sale. Actually, they did beg me. There were about I don't know, 20 or so. They just wanted to get rid of them and said if only I would only take them, they would load them up for me and GIVE THEM TO ME!!! Well you know I hesitated for a bit because we have enough junk and I'm trying to be thoughtful of Blue Eyed Husband and all he does for me. One more thing to move around I thought. (I'm rambling I know, told ya. You can stop reading if you want. I would).

But after looking at them more carefully,(I got to close to them I know it), those shutters started speaking to me. More whispering. No really, they said things like, "Lisa, think about all of the things you can do with us. You know, like make a headboard for your bed. Look at how beautiful we are, all chippy and green. You love green remember? Think outside the box."
So I talked back to them (yeah, I did. Right at that nice couples lawn sale. I was quiet about it.)
"But Blue Eyed Husband is the one who will be doing all the work, and I'm trying to be more considerate of him and all, so be quiet, you stupid shutters."
"He doesn't mind. He's so good to you. He loves making things for you. "
Well, you guessed it, those shutters won, and before you knew it, that nice couple was loading them into the back of my little car, (they didn't even look at me funny when they saw me talking to their shutters. Nice Maine people), and home they came. I didn't even have Blue Eyed Husband take them out of the car. I think 18 year old did it for me.

This is a quick picture of the finished headboard. Goodfriend suggested (yesterday at WalMart), I scrape and paint it white. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that idea, and will probably do it soon, but I was so impatient (I know, hard to believe. Stop laughing Florida & Sewing Sisters), to get this done, that I had Blue Eyes just put it up for me. I will post better pictures later today when everyone and the sun is up.

I do want to tell you that not only was yesterday grocery/errand day, but it ended up being $3.00 day too!!!
Yeah, I found the best stuff at my store, T.J's for $3.00!!! I will put up pictures of that too. More coffee and daylight first.

There, I feel much better. Thanks for listening. I love pressing the "Publish Post" button. Here goes!

Hugs from Maine


Juli said...

You are to funny. 4 in the morning. I used to do that too. I love the shutters. They will make a great headboard. What character. Can't wait to see how the finished project looks and what kind of deals you got. I am not finding much at my TJ's lately. Heading there later today.

Tracey said...

Lisa I love the headboard, I even love the distressed color. You remind me of me! I can stay up and keep going on a project very easy. I am in a winter slump though, and hope the change in time will help me out to get going.. that extra hour of daylight sure will help!! Very Creative!!!

As Seen by Shannon said...

I love it! It looks awesome, and yeah we do need to meet for coffee soon so we can have our "talk show", ha! love ya!

Mel said...

That is beautiful! I do like the idea of painting them white, especially with the wall color you have, but I also like the rustic feel of the chipping green. It's very cozy.

So blessed! said...

Oh wow...I love that! Love the colors too. You are too creative, especially at 4 in the morn. Can't wait to see the TJ MAXX goodies.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was up late with it being midnight when I went to bed because I was cleaning. Your a trooper for staying up until 4!

I love the headboard. What a great idea and it was FREE!


Anonymous said...

Great use of the shutters... would like to do something like that in one of my guest bedrooms.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Kathleen said...

I like the shutters the color they wishing I had some. I need to do something with my bed. Got any more ideas? Anybody? HUgs, Kathleen

Pam said...

What a great idea! Free is my favorite! Your creativity is inspiring.