Saturday, March 14, 2009

More "Curtains"

Morning Friends! Girlfriend and I went to one of our favorite shops yesterday and look what I found. I needed "curtains" for the dinning room and Carla at Kozy Cottage had just what I was thinking of,

The top picture is of a buffet runner, but I of course saw "curtain" hung with my 13 year olds tacks.

This is a beautiful apron. Very petite in size, that Girlfriend suggested I use for the unusually small window. Can we say perfect!

I think both came in under $10.oo, and boy are they even more beautiful than the picture shows.

This room is almost done, and I will post more on other "curtains" I got later today.

Hugs from Maine


Barb said...

how cute,you always suprise me and make me think outside the box (LOL) have a wonderful day....Barb

Susan said...

I love that idea! Unfortunately my husband likes to close curtains! You should see him running around the house the minute it gets dark closing the curtains! Its very funny!

Darlene said...

I LOVE that idea and those look BEAUTIFUL in that space! It looks quite romantic.♥

So blessed! said...

Pretty new header. Cute curtains. Love that!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Very clever and inviting, as you make EVERYthing! Would love to sit down at your dining room table. :)

Anonymous said...

These curtains are beautiful. They would look beautiful in my dining room. Do you mind if I sit a while and enjoy the breeze?