Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Really Do More Than Shop

So this morning, as I was getting ready to post, I thought, You know what, all it seems like I've been posting about lately is what I find shopping. Like this yesterday,
I was killing time waiting for a friend to call, (I was going to help her pick out paint for her bedroom), and so I found myself at Christmas Tree Shop. The nice lady who works there said I could get this mirror for 20% off the already $10.00 price because it was damaged. See the unglued pieces? So I called Girlfriend on the phone (because remember, I already have one that I bought for $10.00), and she said "Get it Girlfriend!!!" So I listened and got it for $7.00 or there abouts. And who doesn't have superglue? Oh yeah, I don't but I'm going to WalMart today, and it's on the list.

So as I was at Christmas Tree, my friend called and said she wasn't going to be able to go choose paint after all and we would have to do it another day. No problem I thought. T.J.'s is right "next door". Well almost. Might as well stop in while I'm here, right? (Sorry for the blur)
And so I did and look what I got for $10.00!!! This beautiful basket that I will paint white and put on my fireplace mantle with the bargain flowers I've been picking up at WalMart. Good friend suggested I display them that way, and she was right. It will look great!

Well if it appears that all I do is shop... I don't. Well maybe lately.

On a side note, I started changing over the bedding yesterday. It was driving me crazy with the old stuff that I've had forever. Boy does it look stunning. Photos later.

Hugs from Maine


Susan said...

Get some mirror glue! Can't wait to see it and the new photos of your bedroom!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the bedding! Wish I could come shopping with you.


Mel said...

Love the mirror! And the basket goes so well with the flowers; they go perfectly in that! Beautiful!