Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Could Be Coming By Your House Next!

Morning!!! The sun is out today with cold wind. But I don't care. It's not grey and wet so we're good!!! Hey, did you figure out that I'm one of those friends that comes by with her camera, if I know you've changed things around at your house?

Well last week, Girlfriend got busy Springifying (I know, not a real word), at her house.

I'm telling ya, this girl knows what she's doing,

and I learn soooo much from her.I took tons of pictures, and will put more on as the day goes on.

She also sets a mean table, and feeds me well,

Love you Girlfriend!!!

Hugs from Maine


Momovthree said...

Great touches! That living room looks so comfortable.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful home!


Susan said...

Her home is beautiful! Can you tell me if that lampshade has a fabric cover? Thanks!