Saturday, January 31, 2009

Show And Tell Saturdays

This is my first (and hopefully not last), time to participate in a Mr. Linky thing. Now I've only been blogging for 2 weeks today, and I have learned much thus far. However, I don't know if I am going to do this next thing right, but I will try until I am victorious. In other words, I'm gonna get it right if it kills me. Little dramatic, huh.

The theme of todays Show and Tell Saturday is show your favorite mug. It can be used for coffee, (well yeah), tea, hot coco, etc... Just have it be your fav. This is mine right now

It's my fav for a few reasons. It's awefully cute and I like it's simplicity. It also looks so yummy when my coffee is steaming from it first thing in the a.m. I really like how it fits my hand. See,

Can you tell I bite my nails? Yeah I know, Yuck. Back to the mug. The thing I like the most about the mug is that I waited to purchase the last four at Wal-Mart until AFTER Christmas, and got them 1/2 price. YES!!! I love it when God does stuff like that. The last fav thing I love about this mug is that I have three more, and can have my friends over for coffee, and serve it to them in a great mug too.

So, head on over to (this is where I don't really know what I'm doing so it might not work, SORRY)

and check out the rest of the mugs. Darn, I can't figure this part out yet. Hugs from Maine


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Well you did a pretty good job I'd say! Welcome to the bloggy world. I'm glad you stopped by and I love your snowflake cup. I saw that you were in Maine. I'm originally from East Boothbay Maine. It's nice to meet you!
Have a great weekend.

Linda said...

I did a post a while back about my favorite mug. Not sure if should link to it on the host's site. Most everyone thinks it's hilarious, but I've had a couple that weren't that amused. That's the way it goes I guess. You're welcome to check it out and let me know what you think.

Jan D-M said...

Hello, Lisa, found your site via Mabel's House. I traversed the great divide because of your "Hugs from Maine" note at the bottom of a post. I am a Mainiac (Sanford/Union) presently living in the Hoosier state. The only thing I can tell you is that God brought us here. Never thought I'd be anywhere but New England.

Am enjoying your posts and pictures (LOVE the one of you in your hat and jammies), as they bring me home, if just for a moment. Was home two weeks ago for a funeral and we got 10-12 inches of snow on Sunday. We have much in common from what I can tell.

Anyway, thank you for a new blog to enjoy.


Laurel Breton-Calhoun said...

I love, love, love your blog sis, girl. I am going to make myself a coffee drawer like yours and do the mug thing too!

Love the great deals that you got. Miss shopping with you!

Your birthday is just around the corner you know!!!

hugs from Florida

p.s. It has been brisk here as of late! (Tee Hee)

Unknown said...

Very cute - I like it!!

Laureli said...

NO offense intended, somewhere there's an element of faith or a belief system puzzle peice missing in your story about how you came by the mugs- you wrote something that just made no sense: "The thing I like the most about the mug is that I waited to purchase the last four at Wal-Mart until AFTER Christmas, and got them 1/2 price. YES!!! I love it when God does stuff like that" What it made me do was start wondering what part of that story God had anything to do with... like, maybe he made the cups hidden in the back of the store so they wouldn't be out of supply when the after-Christmas sales went on???
Maybe my inner critic has just escaped and has started attacking those in the outside world, and if so, I apologize, but if there were some part of this story where a divine intervention took place- could you elaborate?