Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Am So Humbly Grateful

A kind blog friend over at Just A Gal, has kindly passed on an award my way,that she herself received today. It is the,
According to Just A Gal,

"It is for those enthusiastic people who just bubble over!! Be warned: The following people are contagious!! You just might catch what they have!"

Thank you, blog friend. I so enjoy this blog, and I can say that I am so blessed to think that people take time out of their busy days to read my ramblings and carrying on. I do pray that this blog blesses all of you in some way each time you visit.

I will pass this along this "award" to blogs that I enjoy, and so will you!!!

Alicia at, Confessions of a Snowflake
Mel at, Heart Prints
Barb at, Glitter B
Sarah at, Ten Years*One Girl*Two Boys
Margo at, My Five Blessings
and also my blog friend over at Walking On Sunshine

Hugs from Maine

Theres A New Blogger In Town

Hey Blog Friends, theres another new blogger in town. It seems like a few of my Goodfriends have been inspired in these past few weeks by all of the wonderful blogs, to start their own. My Goodfriend Shannon of As Seen By Shannon, has also joined us.

Shannon is a very close friend of mine and I love her dearly. What is great is so will you!!! So stop by her blog, and give her a warm girlfriend welcome when you can.
She will be so appreciative and so will I.

Thanks friends.

Hugs from Maine


Finally, I'm at the I love it on the wall with a second coat stage. It is warm, cozy, and I really do love it. Here is a sneak peak.

More Later,
Hugs from Maine

I Know It's Too Early Yet, But I Think I Hate It!

YIKES! I just went up to our bedroom where sweet, sweet, Blue Eyed Husband is painting on his Saturday, day off. The stilts didn't work on our rug, so he is using a ladder. You know what? I think I hate the color

Of course I said NOTHING to B.E.H. and kept my fears to myself. I know, I know, your right. Its too soon to tell yet. But... He did say it will need two coats. Is that my glimmer of hope?

Hugs from Maine

It's Actually Started!

I'm so excited. It's actually started, here's proof, Whenever Blue Eyed Husband turns on country music, gets his Dunkin Donuts coffee, and attaches these things to his legs, He means business.

Painting has begun in our bedroom. He had planned to do it a few weeks ago, but was unable too. Not a problem. The only problem is, I don't like the color I decided on. YIKES!!!
Is it just me or do we always love the swatch, hate what it looks like in the can, but love it when its done?!

I'm still at the hate it in the can stage. Can't tell Blue Eyed Husband though. You know how that is. I do want the bedroom painted after all. I'm sure the stage of loving it when it's done will come soon enough. I'll post progress.

Hugs from Maine

Look Who Has Her Own Blog!!!

Hey Blog friends, you'll never believe who got her own blog. 13 Year Old. She has named it, Living The Lyrics, and you can see her blog for yourself and check out some of her pictures she herself has taken. These two being a couple of many,

She seems to have an eye for photography. She sees things I probably wouldn't, and photographs them. If you have time, check out her blog and say Hi!

Hugs from Maine

Show And Tell Saturdays

Good Saturday Morning Friends. I thought I would try again to participate in Show and Tell Saturday over at our blog friend, Homesteaders Heart. (Just click on her link, and see what it is all about, and get some good book ideas). The theme this week is, books that have inspired you to be a better "you".

The first book that came to mind was this one, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Joshua Harris. This is a book I read when 23 year old was a teenager. It really helped me put into words what I felt The Bible was saying to me as a mom about dating, courting, and all that. I have since, made it a must read for the other 3, and am getting a new copy for 13 year old and her friends. If you have teenagers, get a copy and read it.

Enjoy your Saturday. Blue Eyed Husband is painting the bedroom today!!!

Hugs from Maine

Friday, February 27, 2009

I've Become One Of Those People

Well, this has been a little bit in the making. I've seen it coming, but just didn't want to admit it. Or actually, deal with it. But today as I was walking the girls, (God usually speaks to me on my walks with the dogs, or is it that I take the time to listen I think), about Sophie.

I've never been a "dog person". Although my Good Friend who is one, has said she thinks I always have been, I just didn't know it. She's probably right. Friends usually are, and She is a good one. I know God has used this dog to fill a place in my heart that was needed.

Sophie is always at my feet, on my lap, under my chair, by my side. She just wants to be near me, love me, and receive my love for her. This has been nice since my peeps are all teenagers,(one adult), and like I've said before, think they don't need me.
I understand this, and actually look at it as having done something right in their upbringing. But a mothers heart is still a mothers heart. I think if I were to put it into words I would have to say, our peeps are growing up faster than my heart can keep up with...

Sophie has helped in that adjustment, and I am grateful to God for that.
But like children, our dogs can be allowed to get out of control, and I am guilty of that.

My peeps not only don't enjoy Sophie, they don't care for her. That is my fault. I have turned my head in the other direction, made excuses, and even denied some of her behavior as being something that needed correction.

She is a wonderful dog. Smart, loving, wanting to please. She is for the most part, a well behaved dog. She just needs a little bit more correction now and then. And isn't it funny that I "got it" from none other than my own peeps. The ones that I purposely as they were growing up, corrected when needed, didn't make excuses for their behavior, didn't turn my head when they did something they really shouldn't.

And so I will talk to my peeps today, and tell them they were right. I have allowed Sophie to "get away with too much", and this will change. I certainly don't want to take a gift that I know was from God, and not take care of it for all of us to enjoy. And Sophie is certainly a gift.

Hugs from Maine

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time For A Coffee Break

Well, I thought I would take a break this morning, grab another cup of coffee, and share with you what I found in my own home.

It didn't get any better on the other side either. Even Dakota was shocked. Well, she probably was in it for the old treats that had fallen in between both machines.
The thing is, with Spring Fever, also comes Spring Cleaning... Yup. Once it starts, LOOK OUT. "Put anything of value in a safe place. Hide it good because Mom's cleaning." That will be the word on the street, I mean around the house today.

The peeps look for signs. Pulled out from the wall washer and dryers, refridgerators. Mom still in her pajamas ( aka, cleaning clothes),till 2 in the afternoon. Cleaning supplies piled up on the counter. Open windows. (Gotta let the fresh air in ya know).
There, now thats a little better.


Sometimes, I even get paid. Imagine that!

Hugs from Maine

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back From Goodwill, Salvation Army, & Christmas Tree

Well, I started out the day going to Wal-Mart with my Sweet Baby Girl. She needed some things and so off we went.
Don't hate me, but the flowers are fake, and I LOVE THEM!!! I know, I know, remember the fake flower rule. DON'T BUY THEM. Well I did, and I would do it again, and probably will. Please don't call Oprah.

I go by the "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder" thing. My eye sees these as beautiful, cheap, and yeah, cheap. And I'm beholden these fake flowers someplace in my house. Just don't know where yet. Actually I do, and will show you later. (But you can bet Girlfriend is having a fit right now. Right Girlfriend.) I paid $1.50 for each large bunch on clearance!!! I know there still fake.

Few, now that I've got that out of the way, lets make our way over to the Christmas Tree Shop shall we. And look what was only $2.99! They were $4.99 last week! Can we say WOOO WEEE!

Also, this mirror is one that I've looked longingly at in magazine pictures, always hoping to find one I could afford. Well today was the day. It too was on clearance at Christmas Tree. Someone had unwrapped it and the price went from $29.00 to $10.00!!! No Girlfriend, it wasn't me. Really.

I ended up going to the doctors today. I wasn't really feeling myself. Just not right. So I figured while I was out, I might as well see if they can get me in. You know, just to check things out. And ladies... I officially have it. I know, its a bit early, but I truly have, the SPRING FEVER!!!

It's O.K. though. The doctor said I seem to have a handle on how to treat it, and there is no need for any medication or follow up. Yeah, I know how to treat it alright.

I just went to Goodwill in Augusta, and found this for .99cents. It is a book Country Doctors Wife recomended. She sent me the second book that goes along with it in a give away she had last month. I've been waiting to read it because I wanted to start with the first one. Well, my wait is ovah.

And last but of course not least, I found this vase also at the Augusta Goodwill for .99cents. I love how flowers (even fake) look in these.

Just a shot of some of the things I'm gathering to transform a very cozy room in our house.

So there you have it Girls. God has once again blessed me with many treasures, all on sale, some I've coveted for awhile. Some I can enjoy as my fever goes away.

Hugs from Maine

Oh yeah, the blue plate was a T.J.Max find last week. I have three all together. Three for $3.00each.

Chalk Board Material

So I had someone ask about the material Blue Eyed Husband used for the actual board of the chalk board. Well we had some MDF, that we had picked up at Home Depot a few months ago. He used the back of the frame to measure the correct size, cut, and it fit perfectly.

He also used spray chalk board paint. It seems to be much easier. Personal preference I guess. You can find that at Home Depot also,

Remember, I picked this frame up at Goodwill for $5.00 ? I think.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out

Picked up chalk from Wal-Mart this morning. Wait till you see what else.
I'm on my way to the Salvation Army. It was closed the other day because of the storm. IMAGINE THAT!!! Goodwill had no power. What is this world coming too.

Hugs from Maine

Re-purposed Goodwill Frame

Well, I finally decided what to do with the frame I got last week from Goodwill. It is quite large, and decided to make this one a chalk board.

18 year old sprayed it a shiny black. And Blue Eyed Husband sprayed a piece he cut to fit, with chalk board paint. I need to buy some chalk today. Here are the results.

I think I've decided to keep the black accents in the computer room. It goes well with the green oops paint I got at Wal-Mart last fall for $5.00. I'm done in here. Except, when I see the computer table in pictures, I realize how very ugly it is. Not the table, but what is underneath. I think I'll put a skirt around it. Burlap of course.

Did I ever tell you that the computer table was once a large table Blue Eyed Husband made for me years ago? It was beautifully big, but really too big for this room. So I had him cut it down the middle and put the two pieces up against the wall in an L. It is perfect, and didn't cost a penny. He also painted it black for me.

Love Him.

Hugs from Maine

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


One of my blogging friends recently asked "where" I get my inspiration. Well, I actually get it from many sources. I've been purchasing Country Living, and Country Home it seems like forever.

Those two magazines really fed my creative side that was already in full swing since childhood. My mom was so good at letting me do whatever I wanted or needed to do in my bedroom. I really attribute my creative side to her. Maybe she just wanted to keep me busy and out of her hair, but it worked.

Another thing that really helped me to think "outside the box" was the fact that we didn't have very much growing up. Nor did Blue Eyed Husband and I, for quite a few years into our marriage. This was such a blessing that I will always be so grateful for. I had to use my imagination, and the resources around me, not money.

I am a HUGE, HUGE, lawnsale-aholic. If there were meetings, I'd attend. "Hi I'm Lisa, and I'm a Lawnsale-Aholic" I seriously get up at 5a.m. to be out the door by 6. Just ask my friends. They can and will testify. But, we get the best stuff,have sooo much fun, and see people we know and love. I always see one of my brothers that I don't usually see as much during the winter months. Plus, we are always pleasant and polite to the homes we go to, making them glad to see us. Well, mostly. Besides, we're home by 10 cleaning and spray painting all our treasures.

My Girlfriends have heard me say already that I'm anxious for lawn sales. I also informed 18 year old that on Saturday mornings, his little Toyota is mine.

It's good on gas, and has a great back for bigger items. Besides Girlfriend has a Tom-Tom, and there is no way were getting lost this season. Right Girlfriend!

These pictures are not my own. I found them on Google Image, Country Living, and Shabby Chic. Aren't the just so purdy.

Hugs from Maine

Tuesday T.J. Max Deals

Tuesday is grocery/errand day for our house. I always stop by T.J.Max because I heard from a reliable source that they always get a new shipment on Tuesday and Thursdays. Also, they mark items down at the end of the month. Lookie what I got.

My favorite coffee was on sale for $5.00 each bag. It is regularly $6.99. Yippee!!! Also, this beautiful silver frame was $7.99, on sale for, you guessed it, $5.oo.

The whoppie pie is also a bargain because today is the day I really need chocolate, and now I don't have to hurt anybody. And you ladies all know what I mean.

Hugs from Maine

Burlap Lampshade Re-do

Hey, did I ever show you gals my burlap lampshade? I covered it at the same time I did these,

I loved the lamp I got on clearance at T.J.'s but the shade needed work of course. Well I took the fabric, hot glue gun, and ta, ta, ta, da...

I think I dressed that baby up pretty good don't you?

But, unfortunately, like I often dress myself, I can sometimes leave the back a little, well lets just say, unattended. Who sees it anyway, right?

Yes, I'm working on that too.

Hugs from Maine

T.J. Max, Coveted Bunny

Hey Girls, on each comment of my last post, everyone of you have mentioned how much you like the "Bunny". Well, one of you asked "where" I got it.

You silly, silly, girlfriend, you. Where else, T.J. Max! And I paid $9.99 for it. Pretty good huh! Hope you find one too.

And after a good nights sleep, I do love my shelves. Amazing what sleep will do.

Hugs from Maine

Monday, February 23, 2009

Black Shelving Goes On A Trip

Girlfriend came over last night before coffee/bible study, and the first thing she said was, "you've got to take the rest of your Christmas decorations down." Well I didn't think they qualified as Christmas, I was calling them "winter". But I did listen, because she was right after all.
So with spring/summer in mind, (we just had one of the biggest snowstorms of the season last night), I had the boys put the black shelving in the computer room. The shelves were in the living room.
I put some things on them,

But I'm tired, and not caring for what I did. Isn't that always the way.Why do we do anything when we're tired?! Oh yeah, we're mothers.

So this is the end results.

I'll sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow.

Hugs from Maine