Thursday, April 30, 2009


O.K. It's 9:16, I'm watching Hannity/Greys Anatomy. (thank you Jesus for remote controls) I'm using this,

because my feet look kinda like this,

Well, actually, they look much worse. 13 year old hates feet. (so does Goodfriend) Cracked, dry, yucky feet. My feet. Funny thing is, these are her feet some day. I tell her that, but she doesn't want to hear it, and swears she doesn't have the same feet as her mom.

I have the same feet as my mom. I swore I would NEVER, have HER dry feet.

Yup. Good luck with that Sweet Baby Girl. Enjoy them while you can.

Hugs from Maine

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Things I Love. No, 4

Watching one of my favorite movies,

eating this gigantic whoopie pie,

relaxing on this,

with sweet Baby Girl by my side,

Another wonderful evening...

Hugs from Maine

Check Out EDDIE ROSS!!!

Hey Girl Friends, Are you looking for a blog that shares practical, frugal, absolutely take your breath away, I can do that, decorating ideas for your home?

(Picture by Eddie Ross)

Well do I have a treat for you. Meet... EDDIE ROSS. This guy has the best ideas that are so very affordable for all of us who are trying to make ends meet and still have a beautiful, inviting, welcoming home for family and friends to relax and enjoy.

(Picture by Eddie Ross)

He shops flea markets, (in Maine it translates to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Yard Sales,your friends closet, etc.), and boy is he talented!!! Please, Please, Please, take a moment to click over to his blog. EDDIE ROSS, will encourage even the most uninspired, discouraged non-decorator. He has a short tutorial on arranging the flowers, & table pictured here. I'm heading to Goodwill now to look for a table cloth! See you there!!!

Hugs from Maine

Just A Few Things I Love To See In The Morning

Laundry hanging on the line. One of my favorite things to do. Reminds me of my mom everytime I hang it out.

Dogs relaxing on the deck. They love being in the warm sun.

Blue Eyed Husbands slippers. Reminds me of how grateful I am to have such a wonderful husband.

And Sweet Baby Girls shoes. Even though I have to pick them up once again... she's worth it.

Hugs from Maine

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Sweet Baby Girl

She took this. Nice huh.

Hugs from Maine

Off To Missouri

Ben called Sunday night, and boy was it good to hear his voice!!! He sounds good, and says he misses home a lot, but is doing well.

I so appreciate your prayers for him. He mentions them in each letter he writes. He has asked for me to send him a few things, and so today I will send a box of goodies. He can't receive a whole lot... But a box with pictures, chapstick, & coughdrops, are like Christmas when you miss home as much as he does.

Hugs from Maine

Monday, April 27, 2009

But They Look So Cute...

Today, 13 Year Olds best friend came home from a mission trip.
K, went with a group of other students, and adults. 13 year old was soooo anxious to see K. K's mom invited 13 year old to come to the airport and meet K's plane to welcome her home. Sounds like a great idea right?!

Well, K's mom and I, had some reservations this morning. Why? Well we were just hoping they didn't bring home anything that looks like this with them.

Yes, K and her group are coming home from Mexico today, and of course as parents, we had our concerns about the recent outbreak of Swine Flu. Blue Eyes suggested we call the doctor and get their advice. Seems that all should be fine and that we shouldn't really worry. Not that any of them are even infected or anything.

So... 13 year old is with her best friend as I write, and we as moms are trusting that everyone will be well, and this little cutie stayed were he came from.

Welcome Home K!!!

Hugs from Maine

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What A Beautiful Spring Day Here In Maine

Attitude Of Gratitude Award

Boy the weather couldn't be any more beautiful then it is today here in Maine. It really lifts everyones spirits to have such a great day to enjoy. Especially on the weekend. Lots to do around here, but wanted to take a moment to post.

Victoria, over at Whimsy by Victoria, has honored me with an award. Thank you Victoria. It is always nice to know you have made someones day a little brighter.

Just a peek at what is going on at our house today...

Hugs from Beautiful Maine

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Good To Be Home!

Well, I arrived home yesterday in one piece. I do miss my sisters but, look forward to spending time with them this summer as we will all be in the same neighborhood. My niece has had her baby, and all is well.

I came home to a family, two dogs, and friends who missed me, and that was nice. I do love small town life. Ben has called, and he sounds so good. He is doing well, and appreciates all of the prayers sent up on his behalf. He misses home and his family. Graduation is in late July and we plan on being there with him.

The peeps and I spent the morning cleaning the house. It had a scheduled showing this afternoon, and we needed to get it in order.

I still haven't hugged on my Sweet Baby Girl yet. She has been at her friends and is coming home tomorrow. I talked with her today, and she said she misses me.!?!@$#%

Enjoy the video. They are people who perform on the street, in different parts of the world, for all to enjoy. I love it.

Hugs from MAINE!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Three Sisters Last Night

So today was our last day. We will spend the evening watching this,

We spent the day at a museum that was so very facinating.

I travel tomorrow to the people I love, leaving behind the people I love. If you have sisters, make time to spend with them. If that can't happen, call them. There is a bond that is between sisters that is deeper then what is explainable. I am so grateful for mine.

And it would appear, this sweetie is getting ready to give birth to her first little darling. Please pray for her safe arrival into this world. Thanks friends.

Hugs from Florida... I can't wait to see you tomorrow Blue Eyes. I love you.

Love you too Sweet Baby Girl.

Sunday, April 19, 2009




You Know Your A Red Neck When...

The three sisters went to the beach today. What beautiful weather to spend time by the water.

We read magazines, rested our eyes, (something our mom always said she was doing instead of taking an actual nap). And enjoyed our time together.

I've often heard the saying, "If your lucky enough to have sisters, your lucky enough."

Well, I don't believe in luck, but I do believe God has blessed me with two wonderful sisters. Having them... I am truly blessed enough.

However, they did think I was a little red neck when I compaired my "kite" to the other more traditional kites on the beach. Whatever!!!

And this heart rock I found today, is for you Blue Eyed Husband. I miss you too sweetie. I'll be home to you on Tuesday. Until then...

Hugs from Florida

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three Sisters, One Dog, A Daughter, And A Baby

The three sisters spent the day visiting with someone very, very, special.
This is Annie, a sweet, adorable, girl who is loved by,

This sweet adorable girl. Who herself is getting ready to have her own sweet adorable girl. Actually today was her due date. My Sweet Baby Girl is named after her.

She is the precious daughter of Sewing Sister, and has recently moved to Florida.

This soon to be mom is so ready to have her baby. All of you moms know how that is. So today,

we had a chance to visit with her and have a little of this. O.K. Maybe a lot of this. It was really good.

It's always such a blessing to spend time with the ones you love...

And those who love you.

You will be a great mom, Kate

Hugs from Florida

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day Of Shopping With The Sisters

Well, you know women, they usually shop whenever they get together. And we sisters won't dissapoint you. I called Goodfriend to let her know we were in Florida Home Goods!!! She didn't pick up, (she was at work after all), and so I left her a message. She called back later and said I was so mean. Sorry friend.

We found many fun things. Florida sister even tried on some pajammers for us.

Yup, they fit alright.

I kind of snuck this picture in when Sewing Sister wasn't expecting it.

We finally got hungry enough, took our goods, and headed home.

Two things waited for us. This scrumptious salad...

And the cat sitting so comfy on the chair outside of the front door of Florida Sisters house. Doesn't he look cozy.

Oh yeah, did I mention Florida Sister DOESN'T have a cat.

Hugs from Florida