Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, I haven't posted for quite awhile. No particular reason. Though these are not my own pictures, they inspire me no less. Blue, blue, blue... It was my mom and dads favorite color. I'm finding the older I get, the more I'm going back to where I started. What I know.

This is one of my favorite kitchens. I love the sparkle of the lighting, crisp clean feeling of the white cupboards, and the roughness of the ceiling. PERFECT!

This kitchen has beautiful blues. An old farm sink that we had in our Benton house, (miss it), and of course, my favorite dog. Doesn't she look just like Sophie?

Big changes here this week at our house. Ben goes to Germany on Sunday. From there, we don't know.
Sadly, a young 21 year old Marine, just came home to Maine, for the last time, from Afghanistan. His funeral was today in Madison. I can't imagine.
The news said he was a very religious man. I hope that means he knew Jesus as his Lord and Savior. If he did, he is with Him. For his parents and family, knowing their son knew Jesus, is the beginning of comfort and peace, for such a time as this.

I will pray for them. Will you join me. I know God will be faithful to comfort their hearts.

Hugs from Maine

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am one of those very disappointed readers who thought there would never be a replacement for one of my favorite magazines, Country Home. When the last publication of Country Home came out, I think I bought 4! I have missed it but am so looking forward to this beauty coming to newstands soon.

Quote from the blog that goes along with the magazine, " Brought to you by style makers Ki Nassauer and Matthew Mead, Flea Market Style is a new a 144 page newsstand magazine, chock full of vintage-style decorating, projects, collecting tips, special features and more - to be released in early spring, 2010. The magazine cover (see above) is a mock-up, and the actual cover will be revealed when the magazine is released. "

Yeah, I'm a little excited for it to come out. I have furnished and decorated our house's with lawn sale/ garage sale items for 25 years and loved it. I'm sure Ki Nassauer and Matthew Mead will not disappoint us!

Here is the link to Flea Market Style Blog. Just click on it and your there. It is a blog set up to get a look at the makings of this magazine. Enjoy, I sure will.

Hugs from Maine

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, I am praying for a changed heart. Last evening, after a bit of wisdom, insight, and humor from Sweet Baby Girls friends, (teenagers!), I realized my attitude needed changing. Quickly.

I realized that I need to be grateful for this time in my peeps lives that will, like their childhood, go by so very quickly. I could almost count the days if I wanted. That alone brings tears to my eyes. I love my peeps. One of the things Cameron said that really hit home for me was, "Mrs. Gurney, take a look at the picture you have on your FB and it will remind you of how much you love your teenagers." Those might not be his exact words but I did what he suggested, and it worked.

This age is hard on them, and me. But it is a time in their lives that they still need their moms love, understanding, compassion, prayers... I need to be "slow to anger". Quick to hug.
Always remembering that they will be gone soon, cherish the time I have with them.

When I have days that are harder then others, I will go upstairs to the wall of photos from their childhood and look. I will look at their sweet faces full of smiles and joy. I will read the scriptures under each photo, and pray.

I will focus on the qualities I love about my peeps for there are many. They are considerate, kind, polite. They are hard workers and have good attitudes when doing so. They are quick to help those in need, and they love each other as siblings in a way I will be forever grateful to God for.
They know Jesus as their savior, and hear his voice speak to them in the quietness of their hearts. They have compassion for animals and older people and appreciate both. They are intelligent and humble. Qualities that don't always go hand in hand.

Forgive me Lord for letting my emotions towards my peeps get to a place where I was forgetting, no, rejecting the 4 gifts, You Lord have given me as their mom. Please help me to always be grateful for this time in their lives. Because truly, they are growing up so fast, my heart can't keep up.

And thank you Kayla, Peter, and Cameron (wonderful teenagers!!!),for letting God use your love for Him, and my Sweet Baby Girl, to help this mom stop in her bad attitude tracks and change her heart.

Hugs from Maine

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just got back (a bit ago), from going to the movie with my sweet, sweet, sweet, baby girl. We saw a movie that I have been so excited to see. I LOVE going to the movies. This one, was NO disappointment.

First, let me say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, MERYL STREEP!!! She is talent in a nutshell. Her work IS acting. No her acting is so real it seems like which ever character she plays, she IS that character. Not everyone can do that.

What a wonderful movie it was, is... I am so glad to have gone to it with my 14 year old, sweet baby girl. It was of course a relateable movie because after all, we, (you girls and me), blog. And for sweet baby girl to see that other people blog and I'm not really coo-coo, was good.

What a great ending to a hard start of the day. My chicken pie is in the oven as I blog, and so are these, (not sure if they have freezer burn or not ).

I'm no Julia, but I really enjoyed the movie, and sitting beside my sweet baby girl while watching it.

Even if she is a teenager.

Hugs from Maine


OK. So this morning started out fine. Coffee made, dogs out, dishes started... I thought, why don't I get chicken pie made this morning so all that has to be done is to put it in tonight. Smart huh? Then is happened. Humidity, heat... you get the picture. It got to me. I let it get to me. Not unlike my teenagers. It happens. I let it happen. They get to me.

I started to get ingredients out for the pie, and couldn't find a paring knife. I've had and do have many, but couldn't find a one. Not one. So of course I thought it was "the teenagers" All of them. Because it is a cult, and they DO tag team. I hear the high fives and the "yeah! " coming from upstairs... Well, not really. But it does seem like it sometimes. Like its a cult, and they high five each other as they tag the next one to make me coo-coo.

They take my "stuff", camera, hair brush, tweezers, hair products, (I only have one), perfume, cell phone cords, (both inside and car versions)... And thats just off the top of my head.
Now I'm not a materialistic kinda person. I'll pretty much share anything (except Blue Eyes), just as long as it gets put back in the spot it was found in. And you know me, everything has a place and I always put it back in its place.

And so this morning, when I got over heated, (to humid for this Maine girl), and I couldn't find any paring knife... well you can guess who I blamed. And if you still can't figure it out, just ask anyone in my neighborhood who they heard me ranting about because I think they all heard.

To sum it up, I pulled a Hillary. Yup, a Hillary. I assumed because I couldn't find not even one of the 5 or 6 paring knives we have that it MUST have been a teenager that took it. Them.

And so I carried on for about hummm, 5 minutes. The dogs ran and hid. Ben stayed on his computer. Not a word. So I finished my chicken pie with the peeler and cooked it up so it was ready for din-din later. And as I was cleaning up the dishes from all of that, well just let me say it wasn't the teenager that took the paring knife like I so quickly assumed.

This picture says it all, and yes it was at the bottom of this lying there all clean and paring knife like.

Yes, I will be sure to eat a huge piece of humble pie for dessert. ( I still hate teenagers)

Thank you to Patseys "Cuff Angel". I needed that.

Hugs from Maine

Monday, August 10, 2009


This morning as I poured my first cup of coffee, I looked down and realized the half and half was spoiled. A bit unusual since I drink plenty of it and usually run out before that could ever happen. I decided to throw on a baseball hat, closest jacket, (because you know I was still in my P.J.'s), and head to the corner store to get some and maybe a paper. (yeah that WAS me you saw)

While I was there cashing out, I heard the voice of the familiar Kate of Jon and Kate plus 8 on the TV that was hanging from the ceiling. I'm not one to stop and watch TV in a store. I know its there to keep customers from getting annoyed while standing in line. (I get annoyed because TV's are everywhere). I was on my way out the door and I stopped. I stopped to listen to Kate. I heard her tell of how this divorce was not something she ever wanted for herself or her children. How she knew that it was not "the best" for them, but what had to be done. How she wanted to show them that she as their mom could and would do the best in the circumstances given to her.

I got it. I got that I am one of those judgemental people who has shook my "I can't believe them " head at the news stand magazines, when once again her face and that of her ex? husband were staring at me while I wait for my stuff to go down the dirty conveyor belt at Walmart.

She is a mom. A mom that loves her children and loved her "husband". Yes, Kate probably wishes now that she had made other choices with putting her family all over the T.V. while they were too little to say "no" for themselves. But, really, would that have changed where she is now? I don't believe it would.

I think she would still find herself, in a place she never thought or would to be. Divorced from the man she thought would stay with her, love her, be committed to her and their marriage till death do them part. T.V. show or not.

I on the other hand, found myself (where I thought I'd never be), in the middle of a corner store, standing there, glued to the TV while holding my half and half and local newspaper, listening. I didn't realize just where I was until another lady came through the door, stopped in her tracks right beside me, looked up, and listened.

Women know other women. They feel each others burdens as if they were their own sometimes. This morning, I felt Kates. As a wife and mother. I think the lady standing beside me in the store did too. I wish I could hug on Kate over a cup of coffee. I would apologize for my lack of understanding and compassion for her.

I would tell her that, I will pray for her and her children, and she can call me to have coffee when she needs.

And be so grateful for my own Blue Eyed husband and all that we too have been through in 25 years of marriage. And I will remember to be more compassionate and less judgemental the next time I find myself shaking my head in the check out aisle at Walmart.

Big Hugs to you Kate, From Maine

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The weather here today is absolutely crazy beautiful!!!

Sometimes when you have such a great weather day, you almost feel as though you HAVE to do something "special". We went to church this morning, had spaghetti for lunch, (Zacks friends came by and joined us), and just hung out! All my peeps were home, and that was special enough for me.

We had a baptism at our church today in the river. Over 12 people went in and professed their commitment to Jesus before a tearful crowd.

These are random pictures of things I love. None are mine, but I thought I'd share them with you.

These two beauties are the daughter of a friend of mine that I grew up with. Hannah and Grace are as beautiful inside as they are out.

Hugs from Maine

Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's 11:20 at night. I'm sitting at my kitchen island eating hot buttered toast, reflecting on the night. I spent it with these girls,

We went to high school together 26 years ago! We are just a handful of many that we all grew up with, all those years ago. So much has changed for each of us. So much has stayed the same.

We ate nachos and talked, and laughed, and talked some more. A few had moved away and come back home to take care of aging parents. A couple have their own business. Some have been married more than once and didn't give up until they found the love of their lives. Another has been with her love for 25 years. One of us has lost that life long love, way too soon. Only to find strength from it, and move forward. Never forgetting. Never forgetting...

Although 26 years has brought each of us in different directions, I can't help but feel we are connected. I felt connected to them. As if we had been in each others lives all these years.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe not. I do know I am grateful for the evening we've had together.
I'm looking forward to many more.

We look pretty good for 44 don't you think?

Hugs from Maine

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yeah, I'm thinking about it. I am feeling overwhelmed lately with tooooo much exposure/availability in my life. FaceBook, Email, Blog... Oh and the Cell Phone!!!
Can we say "toilet"

(me and Goodfriend. Just because I like this pic, and her.)

When we first moved to this house about a month ago, we had no connection. No internet, home phone. Which means no computer and all that. I realized in that very short time that I had more peace in my life. Quiet. Less interruption. More time to talk to God. And I did. Talk to God. I liked it. I think He did too.

Do I share too much with too many? When is it too much? A very wise woman who loves me dearly has said, "Boy, there isn't anything you don't write about on that blog!"
And its not just the Blog. Its all of it.

This morning I needed to "vent" and a very good friend was available to me on Face Book. Not only was she "there" she validated me as a wife/mom and reminded me that I'm not crazy. She listened, encouraged me in the Lord, and helped to put a stop to what could have turned into an unnecessary hoopty-do. AKA, The enemy wanted me to start the day with him, not Him. I am grateful.

So lately, I've been wondering if I need to cut back on all the connections. Which ones, if any. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed. When that starts to happen, I now can stop, take a look at the "what" that is causing the overwhelm, and go from there.

And so my question is, Do I just need a vacation, or have I put too many things in my daily life and need to cut back to a more simpler day. Have I let a little bit too much technology in. What do I cut back on. Less really can equal more.

I will pray. Hopefully, I will listen.

Hugs from Maine

Thursday, August 6, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, before Florida sister went back to Florida, each morning was for tennis. They played for TWO HOURS!!! I brought my camera and my dogs.

This is what it looked like when they invited me to come along,

Sophie always wanted to chase the ball.

She thought for sure it was for her. Both of my sisters are good sports,

and they put up with a ball chasing dog that belonged to the little sister they love. They even smiled whilst doing it.

They love the dog because they love the little sister.

I love them too.

Hugs from Maine to you Florida sister. I miss you.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Just enjoying some coconut cake from Pepperidge Farm...

Hugs from Maine

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Family and friends gathered last night to welcome home 24 year old from the Army, and Congratulate him and his brother on their graduations.
My mothers heart has no words to discribe the emotions I am having.
Here are the pictures.

I am only grateful for a God who knows my mothers heart, and how to help me work through everything I'm feeling. Family and friends whose love helps us through the process.

Hugs from Maine