Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Snowy Day In Maine

As the day comes to a close, Blue Eyed Husband is home from work, corn chowda is done, fireplace is on. All our peeps are home. (Big Sigh). I got some reading done, a nap in, and some pictures of what we saw out our window today, and who was sitting on the floor beside my chair (no surprise there)

On days like today, I am often reminded of how very blessed we are. As a family, mom and dad, husband and wife. We have our health, a warm welcoming home, each other, and God.

Maybe I'm reflective because I tend to slow down on snow days. I sit still longer than usual. Quiet, peaceful. Maybe it's that book I'm reading. Maybe both. I don't know. I do know that I am grateful to God for all that He has given me, and my prayer is that I will never loose site of that, but always, always, be aware. Stay warm. Hugs from Maine


Georgia Girl said...

Thanks for stoping by. I have no idea what a snowy day is but would love it here and there...not everyday!

Corn chowder sounds yummy...must share the recipe.

Lois Christensen said...

We had a snowy day here as well, BUT I have barely stopped going today! Love your blog and the pretty pictures you posted of the snow. I don't really mind the snow as long as I can stay home and hubby doesn't have to be driving out in it, which he wasn't...he went down to work last night before the storm. Yes, share the recipe!

Shannon said...

We are trying to stay warm too. :) I just bought that book. I need to start reading it! :)

Paula said...

The book does not get any better. it is sad and disturbing for me.

Of course, I was alone in the evening w/ my guy at work for the night.

Out here on the pond it is beautiful. I put the porch light on and watch the white against the dark fall.

My oldest brother used to stand in front of our door w/all this glass looking out onto the water and he wold often say, "You have no idea how fortunate you are." I believe he was correct on that. I try to understand the full measure of what Gary and I have, but it escapes me from time to time.

Someday, I will set up a blog and share the pics from the year I spent home ...

I love you sis girl.

Kathleen said...

Hi Lisa....We got pounded with snow last night. But it is beautiful, and quiet. I worked on Valentine's last night. It will take me half the day to just get out of my yard. Are you going to share your Corn Chowda recipe? How can you look at the beautiful white snoe, and not know God is there? Hugs, Kathleen

Sarah Mae said...

Oh, your warm home and fireplace (and even the dog) look so inviting! :)

Darlene said...

Everything around you looks so warm and inviting. It's nice to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us.♥

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

Love the pic of the fireplace. Makes me want to curl up with a good book (or my laptop). :)

Thanks for stopping by Four Sisters Farm. Don't miss tomorrow's post. It's sure to make you giggle.

DW (my oldest sister) is currently home schooling her oldest and I plan to do so with my little cowboys. Always nice to connect with other home schooling moms!