Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday was an unusually beautiful weather day her in Maine...

It was a wonderful day...

I had the privilege of taking family photos for my beautiful niece and her family...

Yes, there was a time when I use to babysit this now beautiful woman ...

who is now a mother herself of two of the most precious children I know...

The love she has for her husband Shawn, and he for her is so obvious...

It kind of spills over onto Payton and Ezra...

To be able to edit these photos... Well, just let me say, its the most joyful fun I've had in a long time.

Blue Eyes could hear me screaming all afternoon whenever I would finish a picture.

Yesterday was an unusually beautiful weather day her in Maine... and I had the best time with these four.

Hugs from Maine

Friday, November 12, 2010


I am realizing once again how little I have been blogging lately... very little.

Recently I went for the morning with two of my very good friends to take pictures...

We just drove, stopped wherever we thought was a good spot, and took pictures...

I had the best time...

and took some awesome pictures...

and I know that I need to do both...

more often...

spend time with my friends...

and take pictures...

because both...

I love dearly...

Hugs from Maine

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometimes, I wonder. Do I ever really learn what God is trying to show me. Or do I keep going round and round over the same mistakes I've made before, and if I do, WHY?

I think I realized, (think I have, in the last 5 minutes), the reason why I repeat the same mistake (I'm thinking of one in particular), is because I have convinced myself that my input, knowledge, wisdom, (all bs really), is going to make a difference.
And yeah, it does. But not for the good. My input is rarely needed, often rejected and rightfully so.

Blue Eyes and I have raised wonderful, caring, thoughtful, considerate, polite people. They are hard working, love each other, and God. They all know Jesus and for this, I am eternally grateful. At a very young age, their sweet little hearts were understanding of the love of Jesus, his sacrifice for them.

So why do I butt in with all I think, wish for, and feel I can control? My conclusion, stupidity. Motherly stupidity. Our children hear from God. I know this. I've seen this. I need to learn to trust this.

Trust Him.

Trust Him.

Trust Him.

My mothers heart is so very proud of who our peeps are turning out to be. The time I have had with them in their growing up years when I was blessed with being able to stay home with them, love on them, teach them, nurture them...

Now, I must, must, must, let go some and trust God to do what I know He will faithfully do with our, I mean His peeps.

Because after all, they do belong to Him. I am only their mum. A gift I must remember not to take and run with.

Its all so very good, and my mothers heart is more grateful then I could possibly express.

Hugs from Maine

Monday, September 6, 2010


Just a few things I love about this Labor Day...

Eating chocolate pudding made earlier by Blue Eyes.

Spending a quiet afternoon with Blue Eyes.

Seeing the familiar pair of hiking boots by the door, knowing Blue Eyes is home even though its Monday.

Relaxing out on the front porch, hearing someone inside, knowing its not one of the peeps, its Blue Eyes.

Having the house all to ourselves... no peeps around, just me and Blue Eyes.

Yeah... I like this day.

Hugs from Maine

Hugs from Maine

Friday, September 3, 2010


It's a lazy morning here this Friday. The weather has been record breaking hot, and so does not feel like September but does feel like the middle of August.

I don't know if its the thought of fall. The date on the calender saying it is going towards fall. God speaking to my heart...

But, I'm thinking its time for some changes. I don't care for change. You all know that. But sometimes change is good, fun, and a welcome necessity. I'm thinking this is one of those times.

I found the above picture just a few minutes ago on an older post from way back in March of 2009. This was taken the morning our oldest son left for boot camp, which was also his 24th birthday... Now THAT was a huge change.

My peeps... Boy do I love those 4. They have grown up faster then my mothers heart can keep up, and they just won't stop. Life. It goes on even when you would like it to just take a breather.

Its all good, and I am so very grateful.

Hugs from Maine

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Pictures I took today in our neighborhood.

Hugs from Maine

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I sit here on my porch realizing once again summer is coming to an end... This is the second summer we have been on Bartlett. It's like a slice of Mayberry. When we first saw this house and were in the process of renting it, I knew right off my favorite "room" would be the front porch. I was right.

This front porch faces the street, and has been a welcome spot for many to sit. We've had good friends call and say could they come sit a bit and chat... My Florida sister when she was here this summer, would stop by while doing her errands in town and sit with willing ears, to listen to her little sister carry on about life, children, and everything in between.

Our peeps have gathered here with their many, many, friends, and laughed the afternoons away...

I have sat out here countless hours each night enjoying the quiet of the street. Chirping of the crickets, glow from the one street light next door.
My peeps have joined me by themselves at different times, when their minds were cluttered and needed sorting, and I have listened.
Even a friend or two of theirs, have asked as late as 10:30 at night with heavy hearts, if they could come by to sit and unload emotions that they have been struggling with for months. How could my mothers heart say anything but, "of course"...

I have sat many, many, mornings hot coffee in hand, tears streaming down my face, just me and Jesus. I pour out my heart to Him, He listens, wipes away my tears, and once again sets me straight. My neighbors walk by with their dogs, and think Im nuts. Oh well.
Blue Eyes and I held our Sweet Baby Girl one whole evening while she cried from the very bottom of her toes, for what seemed like an eternity for our hearts, over a love she was being asked to let go of.

And our oldest son Ben, has hugged on and gotten hugs from, those who love him deeply hoping that all of our love will go with him, to the places in Afghanistan, where he can't talk about.

And I have been blessed to sit on the glider, beside his new bride, and get to know just who she is, how much she loves our son, and to realize how blessed we are to have her in our family.

My most grateful time was not more then a half hour one spring morning when my first born came out and sat beside his mum. We said nothing for a few. We didn't need too. He knew what I was thinking, how my mothers heart was heavy for his safety. How I wished he wasn't going off to war. We sat on this porch, and our first born son, in the brave, strong way that he is, reassured his mum, "I'll be alright Mom. I'll be fine. "

I knew when I saw it for the very first time... This porch was going to be my favorite "room" in our house. And it certainly has been.

Its all good, and I am so very grateful.

Hugs from Maine

Friday, August 27, 2010


It always amazes me at how things change but somehow stay the same. I think its good to some degree. I've never been one to embrace change. Actually, I've had to work on accepting it, dealing with it, and looking forward to it.
These two have been friends since they were 7ish. Although they don't see each other as much as they use too, they remain connected.

These two on the right, have been friends for a very short time but feel as if they have been friends for their whole lives...

Katelyn and I have had a very emotional summer... lots of tears, loud voices, (screaming), door slamming, foot stomping, and many, many, talks. Sometimes I think she really has felt like this,
(thats her by the way )

But even though many things have changed over the summer for my Sweet Baby Girl, one thing always remains same...

I am her mum, she is my baby girl and the love we have for each other is a strong bond that can not be broken and I am so very grateful for that.

And that no matter what her future holds...

who she chooses to spend her time with, give her heart too...

I know God has her in the palm of His hands, and we have her in our hearts...

She will be loved, protected, and taken care of. What more could this mum ask for!

Its all good, and I am so very grateful.

Hugs from Maine

Sunday, August 15, 2010


One of my daughters sweet friends, Heather said to me today, " Mrs. Gurney, you haven't put anything on your blog for a long time!" Well I didn't know she even read my blog. Nice...
I thought I would check out how long I have actually been since I had written, and guess what? Its been too long. So much has happened over these past couple of months. I'll spare you the boring details, and sum up as best as I can. Here goes...

Youth Camping trip at Mt. Blue State Park in Maine

Some one was tired at the end of it all...

Grace looking for items for her team.

This man was actually on his cell at the end of the dock. Only place he could get reception I guess.

Katelyn enjoying some free time at the Youth Camping Trip with her best friend Tim.

Teenagers... enough said. Oh, there's Heather.

On the trip home, Tim and Katelyn were asleep in less then 10 minutes.

The beach area was amazing

Camden, Court, Katelyn and Tim on there own little "camping" overnight.
Totally supervised of course. They are such good kids.

And my favorite picture of the summer thus far... It says so much.

Its all good, and I am so very, very, grateful... Thanks Heather.

Hugs from Maine