Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look What Blue Eyed Husband Made

I thought I would share with you something Blue Eyed Husband made for me for Christmas about 5 years ago. The house that we use to live in for 16 years had 24 foot ceilings. The livingroom, dinning area, kitchen, were all one room. We planned it that way when Blue Eyed Husband built it because the peeps were little, and I wanted to be able to get things done and still have them within eye shot. It worked out so wonderfully. About 5 years ago as Christmas was coming upon us, Blue Eyed Husband offered to "make you that hutch you've talked about." YES!!! I love when He makes me things. He always does a fantastic job, and I cherish His work. Well, I gave Blue Eyed Husband my drawing of a the hutch I had put together from three different ones I liked. Well ladies, here are the results,
It's six feet long, by eight feet high. I used it as a room divider in our old house. Peeps were able to ride bikes around it. It was perfect.
It still is. The house that we're in right now, has ten foot high ceilings, so it fit well. Many a Girlfriend have drooled over my hutch. I actually think there are drool stains on the top of it. Sweet, loving, is there anything you can't do, Blue Eyed Husband said, "it's one of a kind". So are you, Blue Eyed Husband, so are You. Hugs from Maine


Jenni said...

That's gorgeous! I love the color, too. If we ever get all the details finished on this house, and if things slow down for dh enough, maybe I will ask him to build me a hutch. I also need that coat closet/large wardrobe thing he promised, but I won't nag;o) Since dh works in construction all day, he often does not feel up to these little construction projects at home. The poor man is too tired.

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Hi. I'm visiting from Mabel's House. I must say....LOVE THE HUTCH!! Absolutely love it. Do you happen to have your drawings still available to share with me? I did write down they it is 6x8 feet. Thanks for sharing!