Saturday, January 31, 2009

Permission Granted! It's Saturday!

It's Saturday. And this is what I look like. Really.

Starting from the top: this is my winter hat. I have just come in from outside. I put the dogs out to do their business, and yeah, it's cold. Maine remember. That great sweater I have on was a bargain from G.W., other wise known as Good Will. It's from L.L. Bean, and is so warm & cozy.I wear it around the house when it's a little chilly.So yeah, all the time. However, it didn't come with a "belt" of sorts, and kind of needs one sometimes. Thats why I'm wearing that gorgeous belt that really goes with my bathrobe. It works. Next are my favorite most comfortable pants. Yes, they are a little short, but then again so am I. They should be worn in the summer, but you know how favorite pants are. They're like a good friend. You just keep going back to them, even when you know you should give them a break. Have I mentioned how much I love my friends! And finally to finish off my Saturday ensemble, the best slippers in the world. Blue Eyed Husband gets me a pair every year, and I wear them constantly. Not just on Saturday.I LOOOVVVVE THEM. Not as much as Blue Eyed Husband, but I do love them.

Well girls there you have it. See, Saturdays are meant to dress for comfort, comfort, comfort. Just know that like Janinemoon, (, last weekend, someone is bound to stop by to say Hi.Give them a big hello hug, put a fresh pot of coffee on... and enjoy your Saturday. Hugs from Maine.


Kathleen said...

Your Saturday outfit looks similiar to mine. No hat, though. Sweater on always, pants I would never wear out in public, and my fuzzy boot style slippers. Love it. I have to comment on the "coffee drawer". My husband built the house we live in (with some help). I have no drawers in my kitchen. He forgot them. Yup, just forgot them. But, also being a lover of organization, your coffee drawer has given me an idea. I'm going to gather up all my coffee "stuff" into a basket, that I will have on my counter. Fabulous!!! THank you so much for your inspiration. I can't wait to go set it up. Now, where is that basket I want..........hugs

Melissa said...

that's awesome. i know if i lived in maine i'd be such a baby about the cold. i'd probably never get out of my warm cozy slippers, and i'd definitely make my sweet husband take the dog out on those icy mornings!

Mel at Adventures of Mel said...

The pic is awesome! Love the pose. LOL Seriously, though, today was a goober day for me too. I stayed in my care bear jammie capris all day today....yep, a grown woman in care bear capris. Saturdays like this are so wonderful.

Colleen said...

Oh girl, this post was so funny! I am right there with you on the Saturday clothing! I can't tell you how many weekends I spend in jammies! Isn't that the way to go of course until it's time to go shopping? Only for the fact that Michaels is opening their huge, brand new location today will I get out of my comfty nighties!