Friday, July 31, 2009


This is the day we pick up Benjamin for his stay at home before going to Germany.

He has graduated from boot camp and military police training, and is on his way home now. Tonight will be a good night for this grateful mom.
All my peeps will be home, what a wonderful thing.

Thank you Lord for bringing our son home safely for time with his family. Thank you for the closeness my peeps share as siblings. I know it is because of You.

Grateful Hugs From Maine

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is the project I have been working on,

and hadn't as of yet, blogged about,

I needed "curtains" of some sort to block out the sun in the late afternoon.

It is unbearably hot at that time, and leaves us unable to sit out.

This didn't work for me because, it is one of my favorite "rooms".

I didn't want to spend a lot of money, (just don't have it to spend), and so I found myself at the Salvation Army. They had received a load of beautiful white sheets!!! Yeah, you know what I thought. I bought 6, full size sheets @ $1.75, each!!! Believe me, they DON'T look like sheets!

I also was blessed yesterday with this awesome glider at a local second hand store that I've talked about in a past post.

These are very hard to find, and I feel blessed to have gotten this one. It is in excellent shape, and I have wrapped it with a quilt and got it all cozy like with pillows.

Sophie and I spent some time out here last night relaxing and enjoying the summer weather.

If you stop by for ice tea, it will be cold and refreshing, served on this amazing porch, with a smile.

Hugs from Maine

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I am so very blessed to have many good friends who love me. Plus, two sisters who would walk through fire for me if I needed them too. No really. They would.

Well, my Good friend Shannon and I usually get together Saturday evening and have coffee and talk. About our week, our husbands, our peeps, our jobs, what God is trying to do in our lives, and if we are fighting it or letting Him...

We often talk over each other. No, let me correct that. We always talk over each other. And we laugh sooooo much. We didn't get a chance this weekend to have coffee, so I thought I'd "talk" here instead. You know, just to get it out.

Sweet Blue Eyed Husband will be so happy I didn't talk his tired ear off. Sometimes if Shannon and I haven't had coffee for a bit, or if I haven't talked Ericas ear off on her way to work, I might catch myself rambling on to poor Blue Eyes. He gives me one of those blue eyed looks that say, "Honey, I love you but don't you have a girlfriend for this?"

Hope your comfy and grabbed your coffee. Here I go.

I got to hold the cutest baby boys tonight at our church supper. These boys are twins and it just blessed me to hold and love on them. They and their parents have been through so much this past year. They are doing well, and are healthy!!! Mom is now pregnant with their little sister due in October. Praise God!!!

My sister is only here for another week. I love having her here. I miss her when she goes back to Florida. I get why she lives there and hasn't yet come home. I just wish it were different. Some day...

Ben got his orders a couple of days ago. Germany it is! All is well for him, and he is home Friday July 31st, for two weeks at least!!! We are so thrilled and excited to see him.

Sweet Baby Girl is safely home from a wonderful week at Girls Camp. She hugged on me tons, and said she really missed me!!!!! Yup, she did. (HUGE SIGH)... Thank you ladies at Girls Camp for all you do. It truly is priceless in my sweet baby girls life and I am one grateful mom.

We had a terrific BBQ cook off tonight at church. So many people came! The ribs were marvelous and the rest of the food was scrumptious. Our church body is very special. I feel blessed to be in fellowship, serving Him, and each other, in the body. Yeah, we are blessed.

Now that I'm on Face Book and I have this blog, I don't really check my emails at all. Yikes!

Sophie doesn't smell anymore. Don't know what that dog got into!

And finally, I love this house so much, it feels like home already. This neighborhood is quiet, quaint, friendly... God knew we needed to be here.

I go off to bed tonight thanking the God I love for everything He has given me. You folks, are on that list. You patiently read my ramblings and sometimes even take time to comment. If you were here right now, I'd pour you another cup of Joe, and we'd be laughing!

Hugs from Maine

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl Comes Home Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I will go to pick up this sweetie at Girls Camp.

I have missed her this week. She has been on my mind often. Even though she home schools, she is gone with friends and they come here an awful lot, so she is usually busy. Just not having her upstairs, coming down to check out the fridge to see if she can find something good to eat... Yeah I've missed her pretty little baby girl face.

She doesn't know that her Dad has a class to go to tomorrow and that he won't be there with me to pick her up. She will be a bit disappointed. She adores him. I love that. We'll have a nice ride home. She'll tell me everything that happened throughout the week.

When parents get there to retrieve their sweeties, we sit and wait for a production/show the girls put on. It is always so cute.

I'll bring my sweet baby girl home, and she will sleep across the hall from us. In her own room. Snuggled in her own bed.

Yeah, I like that too.

Hugs from rainy Maine

Thursday, July 23, 2009


While my camera is off at Girls Camp with Sweetbaby Girl, take a look at these awesome summer pictures my Goodfriend took of her peeps,

WOW, huh...

Hugs from Maine

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is from YouTube, enjoy...

Hugs from Maine

Monday, July 20, 2009


This is her 4th year to go to Girls Camp. Soooooo, that means she was 10 the first time she went.

Well I can say, looking back, there is a difference between 4 years ago, and today when I dropped her off for Girls Camp. Four years ago, it was one of her first times being gone from home for a week. I wanted her to stay home, but I wanted her to go. I knew she would have a wonderful time.

This year, four years into it, I wanted her to stay home, but wanted her to go more. Having my peeps as teenagers, well, lets just say, I don't like it one bit. Nope, not at all.

I truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my peeps. But this age is so wearing on me at times. Today was such a strange day. Not bad, just strange.

I was talking to 19 year old a bit ago and I said, Hey Mattie, don't you wish we could go back in time, (just for a week or two), when you guys were all home, and home schooling?... He didn't hesitate in saying, Yeah, I really do mom.

I think these years of being teenagers is hard on everyone. Not just me, but the peeps too. And Blue Eyed Husband... well lets just say he is tired. I am so grateful when we have those moments in our day that remind us of how much we love each other. How grateful we are to have one another. How really important we are to each other in our daily lives.

And when my sweet baby girl comes home at the end of the week, I'll be glad to hold her, kiss her precious head, and tell her " I love you baby girl". And you know what, she'll be glad too. (I think)(Oh yeah, did I mention, she took my camera with her. Yeah...)

We are a family. God is so good. I am a grateful girl.

Hugs from Maine

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Recently, a small group of us girlfriends gathered over to Goodfriends house to,

eat, talk, talk some more, laugh, and admire her house and all she's done to it.

Her house is a labor of love...

They have been in this home for a number of years.

She originally had a Primitive theme going on, but got over that real quick like. Well not quick enough for me.

Her home is warm and inviting.

It tells you to come on in and sit awhile. No really it does.

She has filled her house with many beautiful things.

All eye candy for girls like us.

We had a great time and enjoyed the food, quiet girl evening, (no males allowed), but mostly, we enjoyed Goodfriend. Her home is just that. A home. She has filled it with the love for her family, friends, and God. I love dropping by.

Makes ya wish you lived closer doesn't it.

Hugs from Maine

Friday, July 17, 2009


It's a quiet, sunny, Friday at our house. I'm doing a little bit of this,

while I listen to this,

she is resting on this. (Funny I said I would never let my dog get on the furniture )

Elizabeth, is reading on the front porch. (nice idea for a summer day )

I'm finally getting some spray painting done.

And she is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, at my feet. I kinda like it.

I hear music coming from next door. It's not actual music, but to my ears it is. It's the neighbor peeps having fun with friends. Running up and down the stairs, laughing loudly. I LOVE to hear it, because it lets me not feel stressed when 14 year old has her friends over and they are all teenager like.

Hugs from Maine

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey, I'm not pointing fingers or naming names... but do you see those two best friends. One of them, had a burf-day today. (the one on the right with the brown hair). The other got friends together and had a little lunch with blueberry burf-day cake too boot!!!

Here is the burf-day girl with her beautiful daughter. Now when asked just how old she was today, burf-day girl said 51. Yeah right! Then she said 42. Well since she really doesn't look a day over 32, I believed her. But tonight on face book, a very, very, very, reliable source said otherwise. It doesn't really matter. She is so much fun, and we all love her.
And after all, it is her burf-day!

Happy 42nd birthday Michelle!!!

Hugs from Maine

Monday, July 13, 2009


I decided to stay home today, in my jammies, and just be. Not go, but be.
I got a few things done that I've wanted to get done. One thing being this area above my favorite bench. What do you think?

I also REALLY, REALLY, wanted to get these pictures out of the box they were in, and up on the wall. I've always loved seeing my peeps as little peeps everyday. It helps me remember who they really are under all that teenager crap. Yup, I said crap. Teenagers in this house give their mom a lot of crap! When I look at these pictures, I remember how much they really do love me.
And, vicer/vercer.
It's all good.

Hugs from Maine


One of the things I love about living in town are these guys

Their mom is one of my closest friends.

And living in town, well she can stop by for a cup of coffee and a chat on the front porch, while the kiddos play.

And you know I LOVE THAT!!!

Hugs from Maine. coffees on.


Yesterday was a very special day in the great state of Maine. 50 years ago, our sister was born. Yup, Laurel, (I still call her Laurie), other wise known as Florida sister here on this blog, was born. 50 YEARS!!!
I know she is so pretty, and really doesn't look a day over 49! (tee hee. she really is a looker. and that red hat. sista, you've gotit goin on) She is now an official member of that Hat society. Me, not so much. Remember, I'm the YOUNGEST.

Sewing sister, (thats her on the right), has been planning and planning for quite some time to make this a wonderful, memorable day for 50 year old. Um, I mean Laurie.

Laurie's husband is always up for a good thing, especially if it is for the love of his life, 50 year old. Ooops, I mean, Laurie.
This is him making sure for the 4th time that we (the surprise committee) know EXACTLY what we are to do. (He's so sweet. He wants it to be perfect for his 50 year old. Yikes, I mean his beautiful bride of 12 years).

And it worked. She was SOOOOOO surprised, yup, she cried. Always a good indication its gone off without a hitch!!!

This is her (in the middle with that gorgeous red hat) and her friends from her younger days. Ooopppssss. Did I say that. To have these two at the 50 year olds party really pushed it over the top special.

And when it was time to open gifts, Mr. Information, (otherwise know as sewing sistas husband), couldn't keep his thoughts to himself. Not really much of a drinker, he had, had a couple. After all, he worked hard right along side the other two, to pull this partay off. He spent hours and had to have 2 brewskees while wrapping all 25 plus gifts for 50 year old. He is one of the funniest brother in laws a family could ever have. (You know, he's been in my family longer than I have. He's in ) We love you Gary. Your the best. Really.

Remember those little blue pills I take? Low dose, just to balance things off a bit. Well lookie here at birthday girls subscription. Do you see the size of those babies! Yeah, there as big as horse pills. (Oh know. I just had a thought. Is this what 50 looks like?)
(there just blue m&m's)
And finally it was time for 50 year old to blow out the candles... Wait, thats a 49 on her cake!!! Hey, whats goin on here!!!

Birthday cake by a camp fire, with the people you love, and who love you, in the great, great, great, state of Maine... Girl, it doesn't get any better then this!


Hugs from Maine

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is what my neighborhood looks like on Saturday morning at 7 a.m.

I just love this place, the neighborhood, and the houses. It is so wonderful.

I love living here. Sitting on the front porch has to be one of my favorite things to do.
Can you blame me? Look at the view.

I was waiting for my sistas to pick me up. We headed to Jorgies for coffee, bagels, and a newspaper. Yup you guessed it. We went lawn sailing

Take a look at some of the great things I brought home...
This mirror is old and very, very, heavy. It's beautiful!

I bought 3 white curtain panels. They weren't the right size, so I cut them and tacked them up to fit the windows in the living room I needed. Perfect! Love It!!!
You can see 14 year olds friend and 14 year old sitting on the front porch.

Oooohhhhhhh, do I love these. I thought I'd put them in the kitchen, but tried them in the dinning room and loved them!!! These were so cheap, they could have given them to me. Again, I tacked them up.

I love the old molding in these houses, and didn't want to cover it up at all. It took 30 minutes to do all of the windows. Yeah, thats my kinda sewing alright.

The house is coming together nicely, and I am enjoying the process.

I'm a grateful girl.

Hugs from Maine