Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shopping, Nap... SHOPPING!!!

Did you ever have a Saturday when you thought you'd just hang around the house, dressed like a goober, not really doing a whole lot, but real comfortable in your goober clothes. The day goes on and you figure, Hey, nothing better to do, guess I'll take a nap. That was me, today. Then something better, yeah, much better to do, calls. On the phone. For you. And says, Hey Girl Friend, want to come out and play? (which really means in girly code, want to go shopping with me) YOU BETCHA! So Girl Friend got here lickety split and off we went. Just to a couple of stores. Nothing big. Not a day of it, or anything. You know, Christmas Tree, T.J.'s. Well, I always like to see the bargins my friends get, and thought you might like to see what I was blessed with today.

The first thing I found were three of these,

not knowing how much they were, (no price tag), I had to hope they were cheap and wait until I got to the register to get the price. The pillows are $4.99, the lady says. With that, Girl Friend slaps me on the arm (it's what we do), and says, Girl, you can't even buy the stuffing for a pillow for that price, get two. I of course did.

I also found these two cuties,

If you can't see the price tag it says $2.49!!! Love them!

Also, I couldn't pass this up,

It's a king size pillow sham. $5.00

And what could be my favorite find of the "I'll give up a nap for a shopping run", is this beauty,

$9.99!!! And it's not even my birthday!!!

Well, I'm home now, and just finished making a pot of this, (and you thought all I did was shop and blog all day).

As I was tossing in the noodles, I found myself once again thanking God. For not only being blessed with great deals, but being blessed with the sweetest, best, Girl Friends a goober dressed girl like me, could ever ask for. Love you Girl Friend. Hugs From Maine


Mel at Adventures of Mel said...

Wow, you got some deals! You have inspired me to go to TJ Maxx when I get to Springfield next, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Awesome deals! I've been trying to stay away from stores but after seeing this...
You've only been blogging for 2 weeks? You're already doing better than me and I've been at it for about 6 months.

Paula said...

Hey, sis girl, I want the cake dish! I love it!

B-day soon! Sis # 2 loves to remind me of YOUR b-day! Hmmmm, could it be that she is getting into the next set of double digits and wants to know how close you are too?

You will be proud of me. I am using the crock pot!! Yeah me! Not sure how the meal will turn out. We have 8 hours to wait.

What is that noodle/pea thingy you cooked?

love to you
Sis # 1

Suzanne said...

Ooohhh... girlfriend, those pillows are fabulous! I love going to TJ's and Marshalls. In fact, I went about a week ago, spend $105... and the $100 was all in giftcards from bonus points from my bank card! It was sooo fun!

That little pillow that you like, was a total yardsale find! Thanks for your comment!
Hugs to you!