Saturday, January 31, 2009

Show And Tell Saturdays

This is my first (and hopefully not last), time to participate in a Mr. Linky thing. Now I've only been blogging for 2 weeks today, and I have learned much thus far. However, I don't know if I am going to do this next thing right, but I will try until I am victorious. In other words, I'm gonna get it right if it kills me. Little dramatic, huh.

The theme of todays Show and Tell Saturday is show your favorite mug. It can be used for coffee, (well yeah), tea, hot coco, etc... Just have it be your fav. This is mine right now

It's my fav for a few reasons. It's awefully cute and I like it's simplicity. It also looks so yummy when my coffee is steaming from it first thing in the a.m. I really like how it fits my hand. See,

Can you tell I bite my nails? Yeah I know, Yuck. Back to the mug. The thing I like the most about the mug is that I waited to purchase the last four at Wal-Mart until AFTER Christmas, and got them 1/2 price. YES!!! I love it when God does stuff like that. The last fav thing I love about this mug is that I have three more, and can have my friends over for coffee, and serve it to them in a great mug too.

So, head on over to (this is where I don't really know what I'm doing so it might not work, SORRY)

and check out the rest of the mugs. Darn, I can't figure this part out yet. Hugs from Maine

Shopping, Nap... SHOPPING!!!

Did you ever have a Saturday when you thought you'd just hang around the house, dressed like a goober, not really doing a whole lot, but real comfortable in your goober clothes. The day goes on and you figure, Hey, nothing better to do, guess I'll take a nap. That was me, today. Then something better, yeah, much better to do, calls. On the phone. For you. And says, Hey Girl Friend, want to come out and play? (which really means in girly code, want to go shopping with me) YOU BETCHA! So Girl Friend got here lickety split and off we went. Just to a couple of stores. Nothing big. Not a day of it, or anything. You know, Christmas Tree, T.J.'s. Well, I always like to see the bargins my friends get, and thought you might like to see what I was blessed with today.

The first thing I found were three of these,

not knowing how much they were, (no price tag), I had to hope they were cheap and wait until I got to the register to get the price. The pillows are $4.99, the lady says. With that, Girl Friend slaps me on the arm (it's what we do), and says, Girl, you can't even buy the stuffing for a pillow for that price, get two. I of course did.

I also found these two cuties,

If you can't see the price tag it says $2.49!!! Love them!

Also, I couldn't pass this up,

It's a king size pillow sham. $5.00

And what could be my favorite find of the "I'll give up a nap for a shopping run", is this beauty,

$9.99!!! And it's not even my birthday!!!

Well, I'm home now, and just finished making a pot of this, (and you thought all I did was shop and blog all day).

As I was tossing in the noodles, I found myself once again thanking God. For not only being blessed with great deals, but being blessed with the sweetest, best, Girl Friends a goober dressed girl like me, could ever ask for. Love you Girl Friend. Hugs From Maine

Permission Granted! It's Saturday!

It's Saturday. And this is what I look like. Really.

Starting from the top: this is my winter hat. I have just come in from outside. I put the dogs out to do their business, and yeah, it's cold. Maine remember. That great sweater I have on was a bargain from G.W., other wise known as Good Will. It's from L.L. Bean, and is so warm & cozy.I wear it around the house when it's a little chilly.So yeah, all the time. However, it didn't come with a "belt" of sorts, and kind of needs one sometimes. Thats why I'm wearing that gorgeous belt that really goes with my bathrobe. It works. Next are my favorite most comfortable pants. Yes, they are a little short, but then again so am I. They should be worn in the summer, but you know how favorite pants are. They're like a good friend. You just keep going back to them, even when you know you should give them a break. Have I mentioned how much I love my friends! And finally to finish off my Saturday ensemble, the best slippers in the world. Blue Eyed Husband gets me a pair every year, and I wear them constantly. Not just on Saturday.I LOOOVVVVE THEM. Not as much as Blue Eyed Husband, but I do love them.

Well girls there you have it. See, Saturdays are meant to dress for comfort, comfort, comfort. Just know that like Janinemoon, (, last weekend, someone is bound to stop by to say Hi.Give them a big hello hug, put a fresh pot of coffee on... and enjoy your Saturday. Hugs from Maine.

Friday, January 30, 2009

If You Drink This, You Would Love One Of These

If your anything like me, (and you probably are), you love starting out your morning with one of these.

While I was making another pot, (23 year old was up way earlier then me this morning and pretty much finished off the first one), I thought I would show you this,

Other wise known as my coffee drawer. I've only had this for about a year. Pretty much since we moved from our old house. Before that, I had my coffee in the fridge, sugar in one place, splenda in another. Who knows where the tea was. I realized that I should consolidate all of it, and give it its own place. A drawer, cupboard, basket, what ever worked, and keep it all close to this,

(I got these mugs at a local discount store, 4 for $1.00. If you absolutely love them, let me know, I'll send them your way. I think I have 8 of them.)

Having this coffee drawer has been a nice treat for me. Everything has a place, and you know how I love that. Besides, when friends come over, and coffee hasn't been made yet, they help themselves. And you know, I REALLY LOVE THAT. If there is one thing I try to do in our house is to make it a warm, safe place for Blue Eyed Husband to come home too, and our peeps to want to spend time here with their friends. I also want my friends, siblings, & neighbors, to feel comfortable to drop by when ever they can to say Hi, or grab a warm hug and a smile. I hope I have accomplished all three. Drop by, you know where the coffee is. More than likely, I'll have some on. Hugs from Maine!

Just A Friendly Warning, If You Come Real Early, I'll Be Up, But I Might Answer The Door Looking Like This,

Don't Be Scared, I'm Probably Only On My First Cup.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Corn Chowda Other Wise Known As Butta Chowda

I have gotten quite a few inquires about how to make my corn chowda, so I thought I would share it with you even though it isn't a measured receipe. I'll try to make it sound real important like. Sewing Sister, (Paula actually. She does have a real name), reminded me in her comment, that I often refer to it as Butter Chowda because I use TONS of butter. More butter than you are probably comfortable with, but use it anyway. You'll be glad you did. So here goes.
Melt two sticks of salted butter in a large pot. Yes, 2 sticks.

Finely mince a medium size onion, add to the melting butter.

I use about a half of a bag of frozen corn and I add it to this slow, simmering mixture

While that is simmering, I boil about 5 pounds of potatoes that I have cut into cubes,

This is where the "secret" comes in. Blue Eyed Husband never really cared for my corn chowder for the past, oh, I'd say, 20 years. He'd eat it, never raved about it, but always raved about the corn chowda at Western Avenue Market they made on Wednesdays. Well, stepping out of his comfort zone one Wednesday, Blue Eyed Husband asked them why her corn chowda was so creamy, thick. It's because she used this,

She put Half & Half instead of milk, which is why I only made corn chowd(er), never qualifying it to be called corn chowda. So... I drain the boiled potatoes, and add them to the simmering corn/onion/butta mixture. Pour half & half over the mixture just enough to cover. Add pepper, (there is already enough salt from the butta), and serve warm, with biscuits.

I have friends who add bacon, salt pork... I keep it simple I guess. Blue Eyed Husband raves about it, and now calls it Corn Chowda! I'm happy. Thanks Western Avenue Market. Hugs from Maine

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Here is how the girls and I started out our day,

We went to the park for their walk, and it was just stunning. The storm yesterday had left our bodies rested, our minds reflected, and tons of the most beautiful snow you can imagine.

I was able to take a couple of great pictures of the girls that caught their personalities

Two totally different dogs,

As beautiful as it is to go for a walk with the dogs, get fresh air, a bit of exercise, reality is Blue Eyed Husband has to come home and do this,

so he can figure out how in the world is he's going to get rid of this

Blue Eyed Husband ALWAYS gets the job done,

Earlier when they got home from school, 16,&18 year old cleaned off this.Yup the whole roof.

So now Blue Eyed Husband is doing a little of this, (which he so deserves)

Our kitchen looks something like this,

And smells wonderfully of this,

Everyone and the mailman loves my beefstew except Blue Eyed Husband. Oh well, he doesn't mind, & I try. Hugs from Maine

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Snowy Day In Maine

As the day comes to a close, Blue Eyed Husband is home from work, corn chowda is done, fireplace is on. All our peeps are home. (Big Sigh). I got some reading done, a nap in, and some pictures of what we saw out our window today, and who was sitting on the floor beside my chair (no surprise there)

On days like today, I am often reminded of how very blessed we are. As a family, mom and dad, husband and wife. We have our health, a warm welcoming home, each other, and God.

Maybe I'm reflective because I tend to slow down on snow days. I sit still longer than usual. Quiet, peaceful. Maybe it's that book I'm reading. Maybe both. I don't know. I do know that I am grateful to God for all that He has given me, and my prayer is that I will never loose site of that, but always, always, be aware. Stay warm. Hugs from Maine

Oh The Weather, The Weather...

It's 4:48am, and I've been awake since 3. Thats 3am.(Good Morning Sewing Sister) I was dreaming I could smell smoke, and being a mom, it of course woke me up. I did indeed smell smoke, but it was the wood stove of the neighbors next door. It has been cold here for a few weeks, so people are having to get up in the middle of the night and refill their wood stoves. Now that I'm up, I of course can't get back to sleep. Must have had just enough to wake me up I guess. There are times when I am woken in the middle of the night, and I know God wants to do business with me. He either has something to tell me that I have been avoiding, or I need to be in prayer. So, I started the coffee, and decided to get going on my day a little early. We (Maine), are expecting another storm today starting around 10am, so I was planning on being out the door by 7 to get groceries anyway. I thought after I get home from groceries, I would make a big pot of this,I've been told I make a scrumptious corn chowda. If your out today Sewing Sister,stop by and I'll give you some to take home.
Get all cozy in front of this,
And read this,
I talked with Florida Sister the other night, and she has read it. She told me it was the kind of book that you want to be able to read in one setting. Perfect day for that don't ya think?! I've had many friends who have already finished it, and are dying to talk to me about it if I would only make the time to read it. Well girls, today is the day. I've been shhhing our Sunday night coffee group at Tim's when ever they start talking about it. They can't seem to stop themselves. You try shhhing 12 women who want to talk about something. Like I've said before, good luck with that. They however have been very patient about it and have only told me these few things: Once you start it, you won't be able to put it down. It is kind of sad, but in a good way. (Is that possible?). And also they've all agreed, It helps to see God more "outside the box". Not the way most of us tend to keep Him in our own minds. Limited. YES!!! Now that sounds like a book I will enjoy. I'll let you know what I think. Enjoy your Wednesday. You know what I'll be doing. Oh yeah, If you were wondering, Blue Eyed Husband did build the fireplace surround in the picture. I know, he's awesome! Hugs from Maine

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SPECIAL BOX (code for ): New Cord/Camera Box

So I just got back from picking up 16 and 18 year old from school. 16 year old, I said, guess where I found the cord for my camera this morning? Any ideas, huh? OOOHHH YEAAAHHHH. In my room right?! Well, blah, blah, blah... (my interpretation of his explanation.) Well, look what I got just 10 minutes ago, I say. (In other words, thanks 16 year old for giving me an excuse to go to T.J.'s today. Yeah, Goodfriend, stop laughing.) This my 16 & 18 year old is a box. I know it looks like an ordinary box. But it's not. Think of it as a secret box that your NOT allowed in. Inside will hold MY camera and MY camera cord. When ever you get the urge to open this secret box, FIGHT IT! FIGHT THE URGE! TERRIBLE THINGS WILL HAPPEN IF YOU LIFT UP THE COVER! (I don't know what, but it sure sounds good). I am the only one who is allowed to open this special box. It will be placed here:
Yes, this is a place you know well. It is computer table. I will make sure 13 year old gets this IMPORTANT information. Although after my "little frustration" this morning, she probably won't want to go anywhere near my cord/camera ever again. Poor 13 year old. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't touch my stuff!!! Yeah, I know what your thinking, Good Luck With That! Hugs from Maine

Look What Blue Eyed Husband Made

I thought I would share with you something Blue Eyed Husband made for me for Christmas about 5 years ago. The house that we use to live in for 16 years had 24 foot ceilings. The livingroom, dinning area, kitchen, were all one room. We planned it that way when Blue Eyed Husband built it because the peeps were little, and I wanted to be able to get things done and still have them within eye shot. It worked out so wonderfully. About 5 years ago as Christmas was coming upon us, Blue Eyed Husband offered to "make you that hutch you've talked about." YES!!! I love when He makes me things. He always does a fantastic job, and I cherish His work. Well, I gave Blue Eyed Husband my drawing of a the hutch I had put together from three different ones I liked. Well ladies, here are the results,
It's six feet long, by eight feet high. I used it as a room divider in our old house. Peeps were able to ride bikes around it. It was perfect.
It still is. The house that we're in right now, has ten foot high ceilings, so it fit well. Many a Girlfriend have drooled over my hutch. I actually think there are drool stains on the top of it. Sweet, loving, is there anything you can't do, Blue Eyed Husband said, "it's one of a kind". So are you, Blue Eyed Husband, so are You. Hugs from Maine

Girlfriend Tip!

Well, I was already to post a blog about how gosh darn frustrated I was because my cord is missing. You know the one I'm talking about. The one that lets me put pictures from the camera to the computer. Yeah, that one. Gone. If you know me or have read any of my previous posts, you've probably figured out that I like everything to have a place, and for everything to be in it's place. Yes, I know, can we say, OCD? I'm good with it. I still have friends. Anyway, just as I'm in mid post, Girlfriend calls and tells me about this awesome cleaning experience she just had. Yeah thats what I said. (We often laugh and say we must be cut from the same OCD, cloth). She has a beautiful pig Camile and two dogs, Roodey and Bo. Girlfriend has been spraying them with this mixture of 3 parts fabric softener, 1 part water. WHAT!? Yeah, thats what I said too. Now Girlfriend adores her pets, (she isn't a fanatic or anything), but she really loves them. So when she told me that after she bathes them as they are still wet she sprays them down and then towels them off, I was all ears. Girlfriend says it doesn't in any way make them itch, irritate their skin, or any of the concerns one might have from using fabric softener on your pet. And boy do they smell good. For days! Not only that, their fur/hair is softer than a babies butt. So she thought why not try this on my cupboards and counter tops. Thats where the awesome cleaning experience came in. After disinfecting the counter tops, (a girlfriend after my own heart) she started spraying the fabric softener mixture on and continued to the cupboards ( wiping them down), and was happily surprised with the results. And of course, it smelled scrumptious and not all cleaning product like. So, God inturpted my plan to complain to all of you today, and instead gave me something fun and useful to tell you about. Love that! Thank you Lord! And guess what, I just found the cord where Blue Eyed Husband suggested it might be. In 16 year olds room. Teenagers, gotta loveum. Why are my teeth clenched together right now? Hugs from Maine

Sunday, January 25, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Monday

So I thought every Monday, I would post three of my favorite things that I use often, if not daily that are helpful too me, or that I just like. Maybe they can come in handy for you too. Maybe you'll just get a good laugh. You decide. Anyhoo, here goes,

This is a simple notebook that I pick up at Wal-Mart. I use it to in an attempt to keep track of what I need to do each day. The reason I don't use a pre-made calendar is because they are either to big, or not big enough. I can put this one in my pocker book,(yes, pocker), and it doesn't take up all the room. This is just the right size.Plus, it's much cheaper, and I change it out once a month and put the old one away for reference. The only thing it requires of me is to put the day & date at the top of each page. Simple enough.

Doesn't look like I've got too much going on Wednesday. Lunch anyone?
The one I buy has a front pocket, and a pocket on the back. Very convenient.

Another one of my VERY, favorite, boy does this smell HEAVENLY, things are these,

Made by Girl, you've never smelled a candle until you've smelled Close-friends.

This last thing I'm going to show you was never used for it's intended purpose. Remember, I'm usually thinking outside the box. So when I was walking down the kitchen aisle at T.J.'s and saw this, I bought it because it caught my eye, it was so beautiful
It is intended to be used to scrub vegetables, but (hold on to your chair), I use it in the summer time to scrub my dirty, (hardly ever wear shoes) feet! I've tried pummis stones, Mr. Clean white erasers, just about anything you can imagine. But nothing has worked on my summer stained feet as well as this beauty. It fits in my hand perfectly, and is almost the same size as my foot. So there you have it. You've either had a few good ideas, or a few good laughs. Either one, I'm good with. Hugs from Maine