Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today was my good friend Shannons birthday.

She is --. Yup, --. This is her and her hubby at a church event we had this winter. Shannon is one of my closest friends. She is a wonderful listener, and will remind me of the good in me, when I start to beat myself up too much. She is like the little sister I've never had. I love her. She is an artist with such a gift. She can paint like nobodies business. She loves her Husband, kids, family, friends... And she also loves God. I see Him in her all the time. Hugs to you friend on your 33rd birthday. (oppps) Your friendship is precious to me.

On another note, Blue Eyed Husband and I signed this today,

So we are going to be moving into this wonderful place real soon like.

Now girls, I know I've shown you pictures of the downstairs, but seriously, it is sooooo beautiful. I wish I could have you all over for coffee/tea after I move in. You'll love it!!! More pictures to follow.

Hugs from Maine


Miss Jen said...

So exciting about your house...
and Happy, Happy Birthday to your sweet friend!!!!!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very happy that you and hubby have a new place to live, but also happy for you to have a new place to decorate and show your talent!!

Happy Birthday to your friend. Enjoy your day!!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Happy Birthday to your dear friend but you'll laugh when I tell you I read your blog title as, "Today, Washer Birthday." I thought 'this should be an interesting post about a new washing machine or something' Gotta get these glasses checked.

Congrats on the new house! Can't wait for the official decorated tour!