Monday, June 22, 2009


Often when I'm making suppa, I turn Barefoot on. It kinda feels like I'm over at her house. In her fabulous kitchen. Cooking with her. (I know, don't tell my peeps. They already think I'm a little crazy. Their teenagers. What do they know?!)

She's so easy to be around. Her in her comfy shirts, all cotton/rayon like. So casual, welcoming. And shes barefoot! A girl after my own heart. (Hey, I wonder if she has one of those scrub brushes for her feet? Hummmmm...)

So I was cooking spagett, (you know from a jar. Me, not Ina ), and I just got this craving.

for this,

I remembered I had some in the fridge. (mine, not Ina's) My peeps hate this so I actually have something of my own that they don't touch. EVER!!! Blue Eyed Husband doesn't take kindly to it either. Yeah, lovin that!

So here I sit, across from Barefoot, cooking spagett from a jar, eating Pepperidge Farm Coconut Cake.

Good thing she's so easy going. Love ya Ina.

I think I'll get a second piece.

Hugs from Maine


Barb said...

I love her and Pepperidge farm,sounds like a great day....Barb

Anonymous said...

I love that cake and I haven't had any in forever.


Miss Jen said...

That was SO cute!! :>)

I love, love Ina Garten...
she is my favorite chef!
For Father's Day I made her
French Toast which is always

Love~ Jen

Tricia Anne said...

How cute! :o)

So blessed! said...

You are too funny! Girl I can't buy anything that says Pepperidge Farms on it cause I will eat it all by myself.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

sThat cake looks really good! I've never had it! Silly, I know, but I do love Pepperidge Farm so it must be good. They have the BEST bread! Enjoy your day!

Sheryl said...

LOL, I do the same thing! I love having Ina (or some of the others on Food Network) on the TV while I'm cooking. It somehow makes me feel like I'm not alone. Tonight I made Giada's Roman-Style Chicken (delish!) while listening to Rachael Ray on the TV!