Saturday, June 13, 2009


Yesterday morning, my mothers close friend Stella called. I have known Stella since I was maybe, 2 years old. I grew up with her. She is the sweetest, gentlest, soul. She would never want to put anyone, (especially someone she loves) out. Ever. And she loves me. (lucky me!)

So when she asked me yesterday if I could bring her to see her lifelong friend Ruth, I knew it was very important to her, & you better believe I said YES!!! Stella said Ruth has quite a life story.

Monday, is Ruths birthday. Now, I don't remember how old Ruth will be on Monday (90ish)... yeah I said ninety'ish

But I can promise you, she doesn't act her age in the least bit.

I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting Ruth until yesterday... (she's eating icecream from the container. Love Her!)

But really, I don't know who was more blessed by the visit. Stella, Ruth, or Me. I'm thinkin, Me.

I will (beg to) bring Stella back to see her dear friend Ruth soon I hope. I too have grown very fond of her.

"Thank you Lord for your gifts of love, that come in many wonderful packages. Especially Stella and Ruth"

Hugs from Maine


Barb said...

how cute they are....Barb

Rose said...

How wonderful for you to get these 2 girlfriends together! She looks great for being in her 90's. I can see she still has beautiful blue eyes. God bless you, Rose

Anonymous said...

She looks spunky and full of life!!!! I hope to be continue to be that way and as I get older. Bless you for bringing two friends together.

Allison said...

Oh, Stella and Ruth! How sweet are they? I hope I have a Stella or Ruth when I'm 90!
You're so sweet Lisa. I love you more each time I read your blog. I feel blessed to get to know you all over again through your blog!
I bet they know my Memere (who turned 89 in May by the way!).

Miss Jen said...

How sweet.... what a beautiful post!