Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am so NOT motivated to do anything today. And believe me, I have plenty to do. All of the rain we've had, day after rainy day has just caught up with me I guess. I am glad that I had to get up and out the door this morning for 7:30, to meet with these folks.

This is "the strategy" for the two hour donut pass out to area businesses.

Volunteers from church handed out 250 dozen donuts this morning as a way to say "Hello, we're Element 3 Church, and we would love for you to join us for a block party this Wednesday!"

Linda and Al are always there to lend a hand.

There is a church group from Georgia that traveled almost 40 hours just to spend the week with us and help out.

MaryEllen is handling food for this event.

We all gathered at Hillmans Bakery to load up the cars,

I grabbed these four helpers from the Georgia group. Dylan, Mitch, Morgan, and Kevin. They rode with me.

They were so good at greeting people. Being friendly, and giving them a big Jesus smile

They often got a good response. After all, who doesn't like free donuts?

Oh yeah, did I mention it rained.

This is my group with my brother Tod. He and his wife own a local business. He says he doesn't smile anymore. Must be the economy. He's always good for a big brother hug and an I love you!

Some merchants even opened up a little early for us.

Others were waited on (in the rain of course), until they got back from dumping their morning garbage.

I'll be spending more time with these four in the next few days. Lots of "Yes mam's and all that southern politeness this mother loved. Very sweet, polite kids who love God and are willing to take time out of their summer to share Him with others.

And in spite of all the unusual rain, they all said they still like Maine!!! Me too!!!

Hugs from Maine


So blessed! said...

Hey Lisa,

Well, we are so not having that problem here in Texas. We are praying for a little rain here. I haven't been to Maine since I was a little tike. I remember how pretty it was though. Sounds like you all have a great bunch of teens with a great purpose! Hugs.

Amy said...

I like Maine, too! I bet it's more conducive to being outdoors than it is here in Texas!