Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last Saturday was a beautiful morning for garage sales. I mean look at this beauty. Isn't she awesome. (Blue Eyed Husband scuffed her up a little when he loaded her in the suburban. But hey, I'm not complaining.)

And sitting right beside her, the twins. These are original but the gentleman that sold them refinished them. I just love them. They were only $15 each.

I love this old step stool. It spoke to me. I think it was saying, "Lisa, please take me home". Yup that was it.

And even though this might look a little ruff around the edges, it came from a clean house, and it was only $5. I found a white bedspread to throw over it.

And another great find at the same garage sale was this. I'll put it out this winter with berries and ice skates.

Hugs from Maine


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh wow! You found some cool things my friend! I don't go to many yard sales where we are now. They aren't very good. If they do have something, they want too much for it. But there's an antique mall that I love. They have great deals!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing deals on those chairs. I love those chairs and have been looking for them myself. They are super expensive at antique shops.

Great finds!


Paula said...

I love your finds.... I wish I could find yard sales like that around here. I love those chairs, my grandparents had some with the lattus(sp) back square pattern. I wish I could have had them. Don't know what became of them. Thanks for shareing.

jdm said...

Love the bright yellow and blue! I got a few of these chairs in a yard sale about twelve years ago, before they came back in style, and I only paid $2 apiece. I still have them and love them.

Just got back from three weeks in the Dominican Republic last night and read your post about Billy Mays. I thought it was funny because the on flight magazine had an article about him in it. He said his yelling is part of his selling persona and that he doesn't yell all the time. He still drives me nuts.

Robynn's Ravings said...

GORGEOUS chairs!!! Those are my favorite. They bring back LOTS of childhood thoughts. :)

So blessed! said...

COOL! Those are great finds and AWESOME prices!!! THose chairs are expensive to buy new and those look like they are in great condition. You are truly blessed.

Paula said...

Those are memere's chairs! Oh my goodness! Too cool. Hers were red and they were on the front porch.

love you

sis #1

Miss Jen said...

Ooooo.... what great finds!!
Aren't yard sales fun?!

Blessings~ Jen

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I remember chairs like these from when I was growing up. They look nice! Love how you make your pictures crooked! Have fun at your garage sale tomorrow!!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

You made some excellent buys

Joy said...

Those were some great buys... the vintage metal lawn chairs are so sturdy. I have one, and have spied another in someone's yard, might go ask them if I can buy it (it's in a pile of rusted stuff). The old sled is cool, I have my sled from when I was a kid--it's over 45years old.