Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm not much of a lilac fan. I love the fragrance they give, but it has never been one of my kind of flowers. My mother however loved them.

Each spring when they bloom, I think of her and pick some to put in our house. It is like having her around. And I can share another little piece of their grandmother with my peeps.

Ben called yesterday. They were given their cell phones, and 4 free hours!!! They walked into town, (were restricted from cabs), and ate at Burger King. Of course not having eaten that food for weeks, he was feeling a bit sick, and decided to stop.

His buddies however when Ben said, "Dude your gonna be so sick!", responded, "YEAH"
Too funny. It is always so nice for this moms heart to hear her sons voice. He sounded and said he feels good. He's lost 35 pounds!!! Thats a good thing.

Enjoy your Monday friends. Oh yeah, I'm trying FaceBook. Don't know if I like it, but I'll keep at it a bit and see.

Hugs from Maine


Walking on Sunshine... said...

35 pounds? Maybe I should join! Just kidding. Don't think I could handle that! I love lilacs and how sweet that they remind you of your mom. If you want, friend me on Facebook, Lois Christensen! Enjoy your day!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I love the look of lilacs! But then again, you know me & purple :o)

Glad Ben is doing so well! Hope you have a great week my friend!

Tricia Anne said...

I am so happy for you!! What a wonderful sound your son's voice must have been to hear! :o)
Your lilacs are beautiful! And how wonderful that you can share your mom with the rest of your family.
Have a wonderful day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Innocent Observer said...

Congrats on hearing from Ben! It must be so sweet to hear his voice!

I have heard that to extend lilacs, you should strip the bark a bit, then smash the ends with a hammer...I know it sounds bad, but it helps them to suck up more water.

Miss Jen said...

What gorgeous lilacs!!! ;)
Thank you for sharing such
a beautiful picture to brighten my

Love & Hugs~ Jen

Allison said...

I love mom and dad have a bush in their backyard. We used to pick them Memorial Day weekend to bring to the cemetery to put on my grammies grave. I think my mom still picks them to put on my Pepere's grave.
I love lilacs...they remind me of summer right around the corner and my backyard where I grew up. Funny how a flower, a scent can hold so many memories. I'm glad they remind you of your mom and you can have them around.