Saturday, May 23, 2009


The older I get, the more I come to the realization that my friends are a true gift from God. This includes my two sisters, because they have to be my sisters, but they choose to be my friends. I cherish them.

Each of my friends/sisters, has their own personalities, gifts, strengths. They all meet different needs in my life, as I do theirs, that is vital to my daily sanity, health, happiness, growth... Thank you friends, for listening to me. Helping me clear my head when I'm trying to work things out. Encouraging me in what I know is true, right, and real. Reminding me of who I am when I forget. And mostly, for loving me for who I am. Even on my bad days, and before my little blue pill. I love and cherish each of you so very, very, much.

Big Girlfriend Hugs from Me.


Mrs. E said...

Indeed they are!!! ;)
I am very grateful to know you!!!

Love & Hugs~ Jen

Robert said...

Cool Post, sorry I've been so busy that I hadn't updated my blog or been able to check on yours. Either way, check my blog out to see what I've been up too!

God bless you!