Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Have A Tile Link!!!

This morning when I was checking out my blog, to my surprise, I found Jan from Humble Offerings, offering help to the question I posted yesterday!

That beautiful eye of hers looked familiar. I realized I haven't been to her blog for way to long. My loss. She is so sweet, and I have enjoyed getting caught up in her world. Jan is a helper. A giver. You know the type. Always there when you need them... One of a kind friend that can be counted on. Just read a few posts on her blog. You'll love her. Thank you friend for helping out.

Jan lead me to another blog I love. Just A Girll.

Don't I remember seeing her affordable, awesome, all tied up in a beautiful ribbon,I think I should do this little project tile coasters?

Yup, these are the ones!!!

Mel had also let me know that she had kinda figured out something she thought would work in the interim.

But you know, I'm glad to have reconnected with Jan. She was one of my first blog friends and I've missed her and her blog. And I'm definitely going to make some tiles.

Yup, I love this blog thing!!!

Hugs from Maine

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