Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Morning, 6:15,a.m.

Normally on any given Saturday morning, I would have been out of the house by 6a.m. with this in hand,
Because I would be scouting out this,

which in turn would lead me to this,

and then this...

You get the obsession, I mean direction my typical Saturday morning goes in, this time of year. I have been very excited to "start" going to all of these this year. But it will have to wait until next week. No money = No garage sales. And I'm good with it.

So I thought I would show you a few things I found while staying right here at home, where I love to be...

Is this platter beautiful or what?! Nester has kindly shared on her blog,
Nesting Place. DaySpring, is having a sale on these beauties. It is from their
Life To The Full, collection. Now I know not all of you are into plates on walls, (I LOVE PLATES ON WALLS) but seriously,

how can you not fall in love with this, (plus you can use them for eating)

If this weren't enough, they have scripture on them written in lovely handwriting. And their having a giveaway!!! Yup you heard me right. A bloggers favorite words, Give Away Baby! DaySpring has teamed up with Nester and are giving away 3, yes 3, platters!!!

You all know we will be moving this month, and although I am truly grateful for Gods blessing in giving us another unbelievable house, we have just settled into this house, and I have been thinking about just "HOW" am I going to make our new house, home. Well, I can tell you that these platters/plates are going to be a main focus in getting that accomplished! These are very, very, affordable, and these platters are just the tip of the iceburg! Head to Nester for the giveaway, and then to DaySpring to check out the rest of their collection. See you there!!!

Hugs from Maine


Tracey said...

I wish I had gone out today to yard sale, but I stayed home instead. I plan on trying to get my house together and get into my garden today. glad you found some stuff,, have a good day and I'll talk to you soon.

So blessed! said...

Oh wow...I love the platter. Gotta scoot on over there. The blessings have been flowing lately, maybe I will be blessed double-fold!
Thanks for the heads up and have a blessed weekend!

Barb said...

beautiful platter,have a wonderful weekend....Barb

Miss Jen said...

What AMAZING finds!!!!! :)
I LOVE to go Yard Sales

Love & Hugs,
Miss Jen

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Those plates are too cute. I like them too. I hope you get to some garage sales soon!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, what fun to get out to garage sale! But, I have not been going lately either. But I would love that cup of coffee! :-D

PS. I have a DaySpring giveaway on my blog as away a $100 shopping spree so you can buy those lovely platters! :-D