Friday, May 1, 2009

A Beautiful Giveaway!

Sweet Miss Jen over at Blessed Femina, is giving away a beautiful handmade apron to celebrate her 6 months of blogging.

This lovely, Godly, young lady has many gifts/skills one of them being sewing. She is also giving away this adorable purse she made!

I have been frequenting Miss Jenns blog for months, and am always blessed by her posts. I am often encouraged, and sometimes convicted by her thoughtfulness in the Lord and all He is obviously doing in her life.

She is also a wonderful cook...

I don't know this fine young lady personally, but like all of us, her blog is a reflection of who she is. I am so impressed with, and encouraged by, her life. She loves and lives for the Lord, her family, and friends. I know she would be the first to say her dear parents are so very vital in her wonderful upbringing. Miss Jenn holds them very close to her heart.

Visit Miss Jenn at Blessed Femina. You'll be blessed.

Hugs from Maine


Kathleen said...

We are lucky to have people in our lives that encourage us, and inspire us. I am going to check her out. Hugs, Kathleen

Miss Jen said...

Oh my...
I was SO touched when I saw this!
How very kind of you!! ;)
My parents were also quite moved
as well! You and your blog are very dear to my heart too!!!

Love & Hugs,
Miss Jen