Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm a happy gal. Really. I like to smile, and I do it a lot I think.
(sorry about the nose shots)

So the other day, my Sweet Baby Girl says to me, "Hey mom, you have a down turned mouth."
"A WHAT!!!?"

"You know, your mouth turns down when your not smiling."
"Ahhh, no you little darling, I didn't know that. As if my mouth turns down." I say as I walk to the bathroom mirror to check out what she's talking about.

So, she ends up being right. My mouth does turn down. The funny thing is, I don't remember it being that way. And when I pull back on my face, (you know on both sides of my cheeks), it doesn't turn down anymore.

Which brings me to the conclusion that my mouth has fallen and I can't get it up! Oh well, I guess I'll be smiling a lot more now. And I won't be mean and tell Sweet Baby Girl that her mouth will probably turn down when she turns 44 too. (But I'd like too!) I'll let her enjoy it while she can.

I bet my Florida sister is checking her mouth in the mirror right now. Tee Hee

Hugs fromMaine


Tricia Anne said...

Well ma'am you are in good company! Mine does the same thing and I have no idea why! I just turned 40 last week, so many the number of birthdays I have had has a little bit to do with that! :o)
Don't you just love the honestly our children bring forward? :o)
Good night, Tricia Anne
Ps. I love how the Lord is placing you in the just right home at just the right time!! What a blessing to belong to Him and be cared for Him.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh DON'T they love to share. sigh.

I actually noticed this about myself 25 years ago and have walked around with a sycophant grin at the most inappropriate times for the rest of my life. Here's a hint: Never look in the mirror unless you're smiling. Problem solved! LOL

lifeinredshoes said...

My face is doing this more and more.
I refer to it as Life With a Teenager syndrome.

Tracey said...

Hey Lisa.. isn't it tough to grow old.. my sister refers to this a puppet mouth... you start looking like Howdy Doody.. Oh,, I can wait for this to happen to me.. I think a little facial pullup will be in order.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I like that! My face is falling. I do think mine is as well. I like to blame my falling parts on my scoliosis. It's changing everything! Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Even when I was young I had a downturned mouth. Now it is just more emphasized. It's a good thing I'm not rich because I could get addicted to plastic surgery :)

Allison said...

Mine does the exact same thing now. I've been looking at my face in the mirror a lot lately. Not because I'm loving what I see but because I'm not really recognizing it! It's looking different but I can't quite figure out what is different. that you mentioned it...I had to go look and darn it...that's one of the things that is different. My dang mouth!

Barb said...

Oh girl I know what you mean....Barb

Amy said...

Mine's always been like that! People think I'm terminally in a bad mood.
"What's wrong?!" "Whaa.....gahhhhh...nothing! Why does everybody ask me that?!"

Linda said...

Yeah mine does that too ... and it's not the only thing falling down on me in my 40's. What's up with that? Ah well ... I'm just going around smiling all the time now. Problem solved!

Joy said...

Oh, the 'downturned mouth'... I have one too. I noticed it creeping up a couple of years ago. I remember when I was young (ha!), I'd see 'old' people with the downturned mouth and notice that they looked mad and cranky... well, guess who looks that way now. And when i see a good looking guy, I've got to smile so I don't give my age away---I know, I'm delusional @ age 55. hey, maybe that could be the name of a blog--- 'Delusional @ Age 55'. It's me! I've got dibs!