Thursday, May 21, 2009


Blue Eyed Husband has been getting ready for camping with the peeps. They are all sooo excited. Me, not much of a camper. Nope. I like my bed, pillow, coffee, and toilet. Plus, I get time alone in the house,(which is rare), and I can love on the dogs, (yeah, they sleep in our bed when Blue Eyes is gone), and spend extra time with good friends.

Two of my very good friends are heading home today from their trip to Florida. I could have gone with them but there is lots going on here at the home front, and I've just gotten back from there recently. I have missed them and am anxious for them to come home.

Good friends are so very vital to a woman and her over all well being. There are times when Blue Eyes looks at me in his sweet way as I ramble on and says, "Honey, don't you have a friend (sister),you can call?" And I do. And they are always there for me. I don't get hurt feelings when he does this. I actually see it as a husband who knows and loves his wife well. He knows I just need to talk, and gently guides me to one of my own, that is all to happy to listen, encourage, laugh. Some times even cry with. I am so blessed to have each and every one in my life. All gifts from God.

Today, I thank all of my gifts for their friendship, love, acceptance, and time for me. You girls are awesome and precious to me.

M and B, I can't wait to hug on you and welcome you home.

Hugs from Maine


Becca's Dirt said...

Sweet post. Hope you all have a great time. Happy Memorial Day to you. Becca

Amy said...

I wouldn't mind camping, but I miss my animals too much..

Girlfriends - I don't have many. The kids take over the majority of my time...ah well...

Carol said...

Camping is great...if you dont give up some of the pleasures how will you know how much you like them?